Extended Abstracts

/jose/water2018extend/Respirometric study of Optical Brighteners in textile wastewater(H.Salas et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Two Novel uses of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Wastewater Management(M.B.Borup et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Syntesis of WO3 nanostructures anodized in dynamic conditions and doped with nitrogen for use in environmental applications(M.J. Muñoz et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Analysis of the feasibility of the use as fertilizers, of leachates from a mechanical biological treatment plant for municipal solid waste(J. Cardoso et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Cleaning Waters Contaminated With Heavy Metals Using New Type Submersible Device(R.Romanov et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/New sustainable and automated system for the reuse of water and salt in the textile industry ECUVal project(C.G.Bouzán et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Nitrification process in treatment of leached sludge by a sequential batch biological reactor – SBBR(A.Chavez et al).pdf
/jose/water2018extend/Optimization of flocculation coagulation for the recovery of microalgae from a high-yield algal channel(M.Bamaarouf et al).pdf