Extended Abstracts

Analysis of the feasibility of the use as fertilizers, of leachates from a mechanical biological treatment plant for municipal solid waste(J. Cardoso et al).pdf
Cleaning Waters Contaminated With Heavy Metals Using New Type Submersible Device(R.Romanov et al).pdf
New sustainable and automated system for the reuse of water and salt in the textile industry ECUVal project(C.G.Bouzán et al).pdf
Nitrification process in treatment of leached sludge by a sequential batch biological reactor – SBBR(A.Chavez et al).pdf
Optimization of flocculation coagulation for the recovery of microalgae from a high-yield algal channel(M.Bamaarouf et al).pdf
Respirometric study of Optical Brighteners in textile wastewater(H.Salas et al).pdf
Syntesis of WO3 nanostructures anodized in dynamic conditions and doped with nitrogen for use in environmental applications(M.J. Muñoz et al).pdf
Two Novel uses of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Wastewater Management(M.B.Borup et al).pdf