Abstracts Book

/jose/pmc2018/Molecular simulation of the separation of isoleucine enantiomers by cyclodextrin with polar solvents(E. Alvira).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Bosons on a Two Dimensional Optical Lattice effect of correlations(U.ATAV).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Design of Automated Authentication for Accessing Graded Medical Information Based on Patient Situations(S.C.Joo).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/A New Numerical Scheme to Solve the Hyperbolic Telegraph Equations.pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Symbolic time series notation for time series clustering(J.Korzeniewski).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Analysis of Coronary Artery Disease by using Cox Regression Technique(Salahuddin and H.Shah).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Air Quality Monitoring System using Cloudino based on FIWARE(Y.R.Baca et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Approximation of Maxwell's microscopic boundary conditions (A. Sakabekov, Y. Auzhani).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/A type of robust perturbation of continuum-wise expansiveness for vector fields (Manseob Lee).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Influence of the Cavitation on the Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Oscillation Generators(A.S.Korneev).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Development of a Brain-Computer Interface to Control a Robotic Arm (Chuang Yu Min, Alejandro Rafael Garcia Ramirez).pdf.pdf
/jose/pmc2018/A new proof of the global Fuchsian-Cauchy problem in Gevrey spaces(F.Derrab).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Weak measure expansive homoclinic classes(J.Oh and B.Kang).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/State of Art of Speech-to-Text technologies and its application on accessible subtitle creation(M.J.Lucía et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Multidimensional poverty trap models(S.Radosavljevic et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Hyperbolic-Parabolic Balance Laws Asymptotic Behavior and gas flows in thermal non-equilibrium (Y.Zeng).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Development of a novel DOM radiation model in OpenFOAM(J. M.San Segundo et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Nonlinear reconstruction of pulse noisy images via stochastic resonance (Hongjun Liu, Zhaolu Wang, Nan Huang).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Mathematical models of MRAM cells with the different types of anisotropy(N.V Ostrovskaya et al.).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Green’s Function of a Keller-Segel Type Chemotaxis Model with Logarithmic Sensitivity and Logistic Growth(Y.Zeng and J.Rugamba).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Interacting Ultracold Boson-Fermion Mixtures in a Trap(U.ATAV).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/An Access Control of Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Revocation by Version Number in Cloud Computing(S.J.Horng et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/C2-robustly weak measure expansive diffeomorphisms(J.Ahn and J.Park).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/An IoT application based on FIWARE(Y.R.Baca et al).pdf
/jose/pmc2018/Iterated Petrov - Galerkin method with Regular Pairs for solving Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind(S.Seminara and M.I.Troparevsky).pdf