Abstracts Book

A New Numerical Scheme to Solve the Hyperbolic Telegraph Equations.pdf
A new proof of the global Fuchsian-Cauchy problem in Gevrey spaces(F.Derrab).pdf
A type of robust perturbation of continuum-wise expansiveness for vector fields (Manseob Lee).pdf
Air Quality Monitoring System using Cloudino based on FIWARE(Y.R.Baca et al).pdf
An Access Control of Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Revocation by Version Number in Cloud Computing(S.J.Horng et al).pdf
An IoT application based on FIWARE(Y.R.Baca et al).pdf
Analysis of Coronary Artery Disease by using Cox Regression Technique(Salahuddin and H.Shah).pdf
Approximation of Maxwell's microscopic boundary conditions (A. Sakabekov, Y. Auzhani).pdf
Bosons on a Two Dimensional Optical Lattice effect of correlations(U.ATAV).pdf
C2-robustly weak measure expansive diffeomorphisms(J.Ahn and J.Park).pdf
Design of Automated Authentication for Accessing Graded Medical Information Based on Patient Situations(S.C.Joo).pdf
Development of a Brain-Computer Interface to Control a Robotic Arm (Chuang Yu Min, Alejandro Rafael Garcia Ramirez).pdf.pdf
Development of a novel DOM radiation model in OpenFOAM(J. M.San Segundo et al).pdf
Green’s Function of a Keller-Segel Type Chemotaxis Model with Logarithmic Sensitivity and Logistic Growth(Y.Zeng and J.Rugamba).pdf
Hyperbolic-Parabolic Balance Laws Asymptotic Behavior and gas flows in thermal non-equilibrium (Y.Zeng).pdf
Influence of the Cavitation on the Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Oscillation Generators(A.S.Korneev).pdf
Interacting Ultracold Boson-Fermion Mixtures in a Trap(U.ATAV).pdf
Iterated Petrov - Galerkin method with Regular Pairs for solving Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind(S.Seminara and M.I.Troparevsky).pdf
Mathematical models of MRAM cells with the different types of anisotropy(N.V Ostrovskaya et al.).pdf
Molecular simulation of the separation of isoleucine enantiomers by cyclodextrin with polar solvents(E. Alvira).pdf
Multidimensional poverty trap models(S.Radosavljevic et al).pdf
Nonlinear reconstruction of pulse noisy images via stochastic resonance (Hongjun Liu, Zhaolu Wang, Nan Huang).pdf
State of Art of Speech-to-Text technologies and its application on accessible subtitle creation(M.J.Lucía et al).pdf
Symbolic time series notation for time series clustering(J.Korzeniewski).pdf
Weak measure expansive homoclinic classes(J.Oh and B.Kang).pdf