Abstracts Book

/jose/green2018/The role of chemical loop in removal of hazardous contaminants from coke oven wastewater during its treatment(A. Kwiecinska et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Preparation of chemical nickel coatings on a polymeric substrate from ecological electrotolite(V.Chakarova et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Carbon-based solid acid prepared from rice husk char for biodiesel production by catalytic esterification in a continuous esterification apparatus with a rectifying column(D. M. Tong and F. R. Huang).pdf
/jose/green2018/Energy recovery of waste from biodiesel production using Jatropha Curcas seeds(A. Brito et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Clean technology of spouted bed for thermal exploitation of sewage sludge wastes in a conical combustor(M.J San Jose et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Suspension-Polymerised Latex as Surface Sizing Additive and Cobinder for Papermaking and Coating(H.Lae et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Catalytic conversion of methane and CO2 to synthesis gas over NiAl-LDH hydrotalcite-derived catalysts synthesised by microwave(F.Touahra et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Catalyzed fixed bed pyrolysis of Poplar biomass(A.P.Soares et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Preparation of UV Curable Coatings from Renewable Resources Containing Naringin as a Crosslinker(F.Selen and G.Bayramoğlu).pdf
/jose/green2018/Conserve and transfer energy through natural clay(M. Djebbar).pdf
/jose/green2018/Development of an antioxidant food packaging film by supercritical solvent impregnation of olive leaf extract(C.Cejudo et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Waste-derived inosilicate carrier for antimicrobial Zn2+ and Ag+ ions(N.J Coleman et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Synthesis of the bio-based alternative to Bis-GMA and its application to photo-polymerizable adhesives(S.Hyeup et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fuels using advanced materials(F. Martinez).pdf
/jose/green2018/Removal and recovery of cationic dyes from textile wastewater by capacitive deionisation synergetic effect mobility adsorption(S.Hasna et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Generation of valuable gases from engine oil treatment with water in supercritical and steam state(A.M. Sanchez et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Preparation and Characterization of Novel Green Nanocomposites(G.Bayramoğlu).pdf
/jose/green2018/Hydrothermal synthesis of catalytic zeolites from waste container glass(V.K. Elmes et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Preparation and Characterization of Novel Biobased Nanofibrilated Cellulose Polyurethane Nanocomposites(G.Bayramoğlu and A.Ekinci).pdf
/jose/green2018/Commercial TiO2 mixtures for photocatalytic hydrogen production(E. Pulido et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Tobermorite ion-exchanger from paper recycling ash and waste glass(M.Rivett et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Photocatalityc reduction of CO2 with CuTiO2carbonaceous support synthesized in supercritical conditions(V.Rodriguez et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Techno-economic analysis of biojet fuel production from wastes of the palm industry(N. Vela et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/An eco-friendly sorbent for removing heavy metals from water(R. Choumane and S. Peulon).pdf
/jose/green2018/Investigation the influence of surface pretreatment for environmentally friendly copper metallization on ABS(M. Georgieva et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Syntesis of WO3 nanostructures anodized in dynamic conditions and doped with nitrogen for use in environmental applications(M.J.Muñoz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Removal of Hg in single- and multi-component systems by agricultural wastes(E. Fabre et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Chemical synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobial potential of 1, 2, 3-triazole(F.Z. Abdelhadi et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Fe-Co-MnMgO nanocatalyst for CO hydrogenation effect of precursor drying conditions on the performance, structure and surface reaction rates(M.Arsalanfar et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Heavy Metal Removal from Industrial Wastewater Using Green Glass Adsorbents Transformed from Waste LCD Panel Glass(N. Lee et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Azadrachea Indica leaves extract assisted green synthesis of Ag TiO2 for degradation of methylene blue and rhodamine B dyes in aqueous medium(M. Saeed and S. Khalid).pdf
/jose/green2018/Ecological Recycling of Fruit Tree Wastes through Controlled(M. Petre et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Sewage sludge, pharmaceuticals and composting an extract of recent studies in Estonia(L. Nei and E. Haiba).pdf
/jose/green2018/Initial investigation on press-formed phosphogypsum products(V.Fornes et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas oil using Li Pumice as heterogeneous catalyst(L. Diaz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Evaluation of La(III) and Ce(III) adsorption from aqueous solution using carbon nanomaterials(I. Garcia et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Characterization of Carbonized Porous Media manufactured by Sewage Sludge in Pyrolysis conditons(J.Jo and Y.Yoo).pdf
/jose/green2018/Enhanced Solvent Extraction of antioxidant compounds from different Annonaceae species(C.Cejudo et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Performance cytotoxicity and transformation products of sulfonamide antibiotics oxidation with ferrate(VI)(A.Acosta et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Selective copper(II) catalyzed amination of aryl-himachalene to secondary benzylamines derivatives in water via chloromethylation(A.lahcen et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Microwave-assisted synthesis of SAPOs to be used as catalysts for glycerine revalorization(F. Guerrero).pdf
/jose/green2018/Valuation of banana peels as biosorbents to remove low concentration Hg(II) from different aqueous solutions(E. Fabre et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Synthesis of some glycosteroidal bolaphiles(F.ALl).pdf
/jose/green2018/Valorization of two plants Melia azedarach and sylibum marianum of Morocco in the production of biodiesel(S.ALAOUI et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/The ZnO doped nanostructured anode based SOFC for energy conversion applications(G.Abbas).pdf
/jose/green2018/Evaluation of vegetable oils to be used in reactive extraction systems as organic phase diluents(M.E Marti et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Study of non reacting solute transport in a porous media(K.Mounira et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Enhancement of biomass hydrolysis by Fenton oxadation hydrothermal treatment and analysis of chemical component by near infrared spectroscopy(S.Yeon et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Towards nearly zero carbon communities the impact of construction materials on environmental performance of educational building(N.Limphitakphong et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Phosphate Removal from Wastewater by Fe-Zeolite-A Adsorbent(K.S.Kim et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Study and Fire test of natural fibre reinforced composites with flame retardance properties(R. Ortega et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Biodiesel from energy crops Influence of culture parameters(K. Rodriguez et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Europe 2020 Strategy An Integrated Framework For Design Of Engineering Solutions And The Enhancing Selection Process Of Alternatives(A.L.Alamo et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/New and efficient phosphor-based visible-light-driven photocatalysts for the removal of antibiotics from the aquatic environment(L. Zammouri et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Application of the npS methodology to green engineering project management(D.Carmona et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Design and fabrication of continuous flow photoreactor for degradation of organic pollutants (A.H. Aassar et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/The highest efficiency of the thin film fixed bed photocatalytic reactor(J.Szyman).pdf
/jose/green2018/Graphene large scale production by direct exfoliation in presence of water(D.Rubira et al)..pdf
/jose/green2018/Liquid-Assisted Grinding to Prepare Cocrystals of Adefovir Dipivoxil and Dicarboxylic Acids(I.W.Kim).pdf
/jose/green2018/Pilot plant for alkali treatment of chopped banana fibre(N. Diaz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Fate of Antimicrobials in Manure During Rotary Drum Composting(S.Karaca et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Manufacturing of thermally stable cellulose nanocrystals by succinic anhydride assisted hydrolysis(A. Leszczynska et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Direct Hydroxylation of Benzene over Cu-Exchanged Hydroxy-Sodalite(S. Kosa et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of wood sludge from pulp production with enzyme additions(J.Rusin and K.Chamradova).pdf
/jose/green2018/Selective recovery of levulinic acid from mixed acid solutions(H. Zeidan and M.E Marti).pdf
/jose/green2018/Dead zone for hydrogenation of propylene reaction carried out on commercial catalyst pellets(M.Szukiewicz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Partial purification of natural coagulants from bean seeds by ion-exchange chromatography(V. Vasic et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Potential of living Rhodotorula sp. for cadmium ions removal from aqueous solutions(M.Rosca et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Methanolysis And Ethanolysis Of Sunflower Oil Catalyzed By Silica Suported 12 TUNGSTOPHOSPHORIC Acid(Y.Idrissou et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Grape Marc Activated carbon impregnation by Anatase-TiO2 nano-particles degradation of RB5 Azo dye with instantaneous regeneration of photocatalyst hybrid(H. Belayachi et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Biobased Polyurethane POSS Hybrid Coatings(G.Bayramoğlu and N.Aktas).pdf
/jose/green2018/Influence of Hydrogen Peroxide Dosage on the photo-fenton process(F.Audino et al.).pdf
/jose/green2018/Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of 4 nitrophenol with natural and pillared clays from Kazakhstan Lumped kinetic model of TOC(J.L. Diaz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen over magnesium ferrite derived from layered double hydroxide (HDL) by artificial and solar radiation(H.Zazoua et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Industrial Wastes used as Ceramic Coating on Aluminum Alloy for Engineering Applications(M.L Antunes et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Assesment of air-conditioning systems in tertiary use nZEB by means of BIM and Energy Plus(L.A. Horrillo et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Sustainable use of precious metals through biotechnological recycling(N. Saitoh et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Physical and chemical properties of biodiesel from fish and chicken oils(E. CHERIF et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/A study of the influence of acidity on the production of THFA from furfural using clay supported nickel catalysts(F. Guerrero).pdf
/jose/green2018/Study of The Electrical Properties of Vegetable Oils As An Alternative To Mineral Insulating Oils(S. OMAR et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Technical-economic and environmental analysis of re-designed products from recyclable waste in the context of circular economy(E.D.Comanita et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Surfactin production on the rapeseed cake during solid-state fermentation with new design SSF bioreactor(P.Jajor et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Activated carbons prepared from a compost obtained in mechanical biological treatment plants for municipal solid waste processing(J.L. Diaz et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/The chemical reaction kinetics study for the absorption of carbon dioxide into the aqueous diethylethanolamine-diethylenetriamine solutions(J.Jeng and M.Hui).pdf
/jose/green2018/Optimization of flocculation coagulation for the recovery of microalgae from a high-yield algal channel(M.Bamaarouf et al).pdf
/jose/green2018/Polystyrene particle synthesis using two-step acoustic emulsification method(D. Kobayashi et al).pdf