Abstracts Book

A study of the influence of acidity on the production of THFA from furfural using clay supported nickel catalysts(F. Guerrero).pdf
Activated carbons prepared from a compost obtained in mechanical biological treatment plants for municipal solid waste processing(J.L. Diaz et al).pdf
Aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of wood sludge from pulp production with enzyme additions(J.Rusin and K.Chamradova).pdf
An eco-friendly sorbent for removing heavy metals from water(R. Choumane and S. Peulon).pdf
Application of the npS methodology to green engineering project management(D.Carmona et al).pdf
Assesment of air-conditioning systems in tertiary use nZEB by means of BIM and Energy Plus(L.A. Horrillo et al).pdf
Azadrachea Indica leaves extract assisted green synthesis of Ag TiO2 for degradation of methylene blue and rhodamine B dyes in aqueous medium(M. Saeed and S. Khalid).pdf
Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas oil using Li Pumice as heterogeneous catalyst(L. Diaz et al).pdf
Biodiesel from energy crops Influence of culture parameters(K. Rodriguez et al).pdf
Carbon-based solid acid prepared from rice husk char for biodiesel production by catalytic esterification in a continuous esterification apparatus with a rectifying column(D. M. Tong and F. R. Huang).pdf
Catalytic conversion of methane and CO2 to synthesis gas over NiAl-LDH hydrotalcite-derived catalysts synthesised by microwave(F.Touahra et al).pdf
Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of 4 nitrophenol with natural and pillared clays from Kazakhstan Lumped kinetic model of TOC(J.L. Diaz et al).pdf
Catalyzed fixed bed pyrolysis of Poplar biomass(A.P.Soares et al).pdf
Characterization of Carbonized Porous Media manufactured by Sewage Sludge in Pyrolysis conditons(J.Jo and Y.Yoo).pdf
Chemical synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobial potential of 1, 2, 3-triazole(F.Z. Abdelhadi et al).pdf
Clean technology of spouted bed for thermal exploitation of sewage sludge wastes in a conical combustor(M.J San Jose et al).pdf
Commercial TiO2 mixtures for photocatalytic hydrogen production(E. Pulido et al).pdf
Conserve and transfer energy through natural clay(M. Djebbar).pdf
Dead zone for hydrogenation of propylene reaction carried out on commercial catalyst pellets(M.Szukiewicz et al).pdf
Design and fabrication of continuous flow photoreactor for degradation of organic pollutants (A.H. Aassar et al).pdf
Development of an antioxidant food packaging film by supercritical solvent impregnation of olive leaf extract(C.Cejudo et al).pdf
Direct Hydroxylation of Benzene over Cu-Exchanged Hydroxy-Sodalite(S. Kosa et al).pdf
Ecological Recycling of Fruit Tree Wastes through Controlled(M. Petre et al).pdf
Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fuels using advanced materials(F. Martinez).pdf
Energy recovery of waste from biodiesel production using Jatropha Curcas seeds(A. Brito et al).pdf
Enhanced Solvent Extraction of antioxidant compounds from different Annonaceae species(C.Cejudo et al).pdf
Enhancement of biomass hydrolysis by Fenton oxadation hydrothermal treatment and analysis of chemical component by near infrared spectroscopy(S.Yeon et al).pdf
Europe 2020 Strategy An Integrated Framework For Design Of Engineering Solutions And The Enhancing Selection Process Of Alternatives(A.L.Alamo et al).pdf
Evaluation of La(III) and Ce(III) adsorption from aqueous solution using carbon nanomaterials(I. Garcia et al).pdf
Evaluation of vegetable oils to be used in reactive extraction systems as organic phase diluents(M.E Marti et al).pdf
Fate of Antimicrobials in Manure During Rotary Drum Composting(S.Karaca et al.).pdf
Fe-Co-MnMgO nanocatalyst for CO hydrogenation effect of precursor drying conditions on the performance, structure and surface reaction rates(M.Arsalanfar et al).pdf
Generation of valuable gases from engine oil treatment with water in supercritical and steam state(A.M. Sanchez et al).pdf
Grape Marc Activated carbon impregnation by Anatase-TiO2 nano-particles degradation of RB5 Azo dye with instantaneous regeneration of photocatalyst hybrid(H. Belayachi et al.).pdf
Graphene large scale production by direct exfoliation in presence of water(D.Rubira et al)..pdf
Heavy Metal Removal from Industrial Wastewater Using Green Glass Adsorbents Transformed from Waste LCD Panel Glass(N. Lee et al.).pdf
Hydrothermal synthesis of catalytic zeolites from waste container glass(V.K. Elmes et al).pdf
Industrial Wastes used as Ceramic Coating on Aluminum Alloy for Engineering Applications(M.L Antunes et al).pdf
Influence of Hydrogen Peroxide Dosage on the photo-fenton process(F.Audino et al.).pdf
Initial investigation on press-formed phosphogypsum products(V.Fornes et al).pdf
Investigation the influence of surface pretreatment for environmentally friendly copper metallization on ABS(M. Georgieva et al).pdf
Liquid-Assisted Grinding to Prepare Cocrystals of Adefovir Dipivoxil and Dicarboxylic Acids(I.W.Kim).pdf
Manufacturing of thermally stable cellulose nanocrystals by succinic anhydride assisted hydrolysis(A. Leszczynska et al).pdf
Methanolysis And Ethanolysis Of Sunflower Oil Catalyzed By Silica Suported 12 TUNGSTOPHOSPHORIC Acid(Y.Idrissou et al).pdf
Microwave-assisted synthesis of SAPOs to be used as catalysts for glycerine revalorization(F. Guerrero).pdf
New and efficient phosphor-based visible-light-driven photocatalysts for the removal of antibiotics from the aquatic environment(L. Zammouri et al.).pdf
Optimization of flocculation coagulation for the recovery of microalgae from a high-yield algal channel(M.Bamaarouf et al).pdf
Partial purification of natural coagulants from bean seeds by ion-exchange chromatography(V. Vasic et al).pdf
Performance cytotoxicity and transformation products of sulfonamide antibiotics oxidation with ferrate(VI)(A.Acosta et al.).pdf
Phosphate Removal from Wastewater by Fe-Zeolite-A Adsorbent(K.S.Kim et al).pdf
Photocatalityc reduction of CO2 with CuTiO2carbonaceous support synthesized in supercritical conditions(V.Rodriguez et al).pdf
Photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen over magnesium ferrite derived from layered double hydroxide (HDL) by artificial and solar radiation(H.Zazoua et al).pdf
Physical and chemical properties of biodiesel from fish and chicken oils(E. CHERIF et al).pdf
Pilot plant for alkali treatment of chopped banana fibre(N. Diaz et al).pdf
Polystyrene particle synthesis using two-step acoustic emulsification method(D. Kobayashi et al).pdf
Potential of living Rhodotorula sp. for cadmium ions removal from aqueous solutions(M.Rosca et al).pdf
Preparation and Characterization of Novel Biobased Nanofibrilated Cellulose Polyurethane Nanocomposites(G.Bayramoğlu and A.Ekinci).pdf
Preparation and Characterization of Novel Green Nanocomposites(G.Bayramoğlu).pdf
Preparation of UV Curable Coatings from Renewable Resources Containing Naringin as a Crosslinker(F.Selen and G.Bayramoğlu).pdf
Preparation of chemical nickel coatings on a polymeric substrate from ecological electrotolite(V.Chakarova et al).pdf
Removal and recovery of cationic dyes from textile wastewater by capacitive deionisation synergetic effect mobility adsorption(S.Hasna et al).pdf
Removal of Hg in single- and multi-component systems by agricultural wastes(E. Fabre et al.).pdf
Selective copper(II) catalyzed amination of aryl-himachalene to secondary benzylamines derivatives in water via chloromethylation(A.lahcen et al).pdf
Selective recovery of levulinic acid from mixed acid solutions(H. Zeidan and M.E Marti).pdf
Sewage sludge, pharmaceuticals and composting an extract of recent studies in Estonia(L. Nei and E. Haiba).pdf
Study and Fire test of natural fibre reinforced composites with flame retardance properties(R. Ortega et al).pdf
Study of The Electrical Properties of Vegetable Oils As An Alternative To Mineral Insulating Oils(S. OMAR et al).pdf
Study of non reacting solute transport in a porous media(K.Mounira et al).pdf
Surfactin production on the rapeseed cake during solid-state fermentation with new design SSF bioreactor(P.Jajor et al).pdf
Suspension-Polymerised Latex as Surface Sizing Additive and Cobinder for Papermaking and Coating(H.Lae et al).pdf
Sustainable use of precious metals through biotechnological recycling(N. Saitoh et al).pdf
Syntesis of WO3 nanostructures anodized in dynamic conditions and doped with nitrogen for use in environmental applications(M.J.Muñoz et al).pdf
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Biobased Polyurethane POSS Hybrid Coatings(G.Bayramoğlu and N.Aktas).pdf
Synthesis of some glycosteroidal bolaphiles(F.ALl).pdf
Synthesis of the bio-based alternative to Bis-GMA and its application to photo-polymerizable adhesives(S.Hyeup et al).pdf
Technical-economic and environmental analysis of re-designed products from recyclable waste in the context of circular economy(E.D.Comanita et al).pdf
Techno-economic analysis of biojet fuel production from wastes of the palm industry(N. Vela et al).pdf
The ZnO doped nanostructured anode based SOFC for energy conversion applications(G.Abbas).pdf
The chemical reaction kinetics study for the absorption of carbon dioxide into the aqueous diethylethanolamine-diethylenetriamine solutions(J.Jeng and M.Hui).pdf
The highest efficiency of the thin film fixed bed photocatalytic reactor(J.Szyman).pdf
The role of chemical loop in removal of hazardous contaminants from coke oven wastewater during its treatment(A. Kwiecinska et al).pdf
Tobermorite ion-exchanger from paper recycling ash and waste glass(M.Rivett et al).pdf
Towards nearly zero carbon communities the impact of construction materials on environmental performance of educational building(N.Limphitakphong et al).pdf
Valorization of two plants Melia azedarach and sylibum marianum of Morocco in the production of biodiesel(S.ALAOUI et al).pdf
Valuation of banana peels as biosorbents to remove low concentration Hg(II) from different aqueous solutions(E. Fabre et al.).pdf
Waste-derived inosilicate carrier for antimicrobial Zn2+ and Ag+ ions(N.J Coleman et al).pdf