Extended Abstracts E-Book

jose/water2019extended/Pag.054. Hydrogen Production Automatic Control in Continuous Microbial(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.069. Methodology for generic water pipe model Hydraulic simulation and failure risks due to polluting threats(Q Mansour et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.005. Changes In The Temperature Of The Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone México Under Climate Change Scenarios (Hu Ramírez et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.044. Design of an economic heat-integrated distilled water pilot plant with internal water circulation cycle(E Abdelghani et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.024. Climatology and vulnerability to climate change in the “Altos de Jalisco” region, Mexico(Ramírez S et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.076. Multivariable Robust Regulation of Alkalinities in a Continuous AD(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.092. Status of the peninsular spanish basins according to the quality of their bodies of water(ALEJANDRA C et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.002. PrefaceWATER.pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.039. Degradation of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide by UV Solar radiation assisted oxidation processes(M Sanchez Polo et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.082. Pine bark amendment greatly reduces the mobility of sulfonamides in soils( M Conde et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.098. Use of biomass ash to reduce tetracycline antibiotics toxicity on soil bacterial communities(Vanesa Santás et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.060. Hydrothermal synthesis of GO TiO2 composites with high performance as UV photocatalysts for degradation of parabens(MVLopezRamon et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.065.Influence of municipal solid waste compost application on soil fertility and barley yield(Houda Oueriemmi et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.088. Smart Water Management System SWMS by ICT In Real Time (A Rjoub et al).pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.000. INDEX WWEM 2019.pdf
jose/water2019extended/Pag.103. Private Sector Engagement for WASH the case of Mongolia Corporate WASH Responsibility (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf