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jose/water2019/Pag.071. Measuring the environmental footprint of bio-hythane (hydrogen-methane) production from renewable resources(P Garcia et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.060. Hypochlorite Ion Electrogeneration using a Dimensionally Stable Anode type of Ti PtPd Ox (T zayas et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.112. Rivers Runoff in Belarus Today’s Situation and Future Perspectives(A Volchak).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.080. Multicriteria Decision Support Tool to Evaluate the Replacement of Water Meters(SergioFernandes et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.173. Applications of Ochrobactrum oryzae silver nanoparticles for the removal of heavy metals from sewage sludge(Sinqobile Fanele et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.126. The Concept and Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Urban Area of Thailand (Nathaporn A et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.089. Neonicotinoids removal by associated binary, tertiary and quaternary advanced oxidation processes. Synergistic effects, kinetics and mineralization ability(Teresa González et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.048. Extraction and transport of small organic compounds using polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs)(F Ouglish et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.146. Use of water for the preparation of new N-acyl sulfonamide derivatives (C BOUGHELOUM et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.068. Life-cycle of Post-consumer Mattresses Waste Streams and Recycling Challenges(Daniel Goddard et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.001. INDEX WWEM 2019.pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.115. State of the basins in peninsular Spain for the quality of the water(A CASTRO ET AL).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.104. Recycling High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) into Construction materials as key step in Plastic Waste Reduction case of Kigali City(Isabane et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.119. Synthesis properties and photocatalytic evaluation of titanium-based nanocomposite materials for the photo-oxidation of arsenic in aqueous solution(A Michelle Navarrete et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.042. Evaluation of Integrated Cost-Effective model in hydro economic modelling framework for sustainable water resource management in rural India (G BANERJEE et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.144. Use of biomass ash to reduce tetracycline antibiotics toxicity on soil bacterial communities(Vanesa Santás et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.107. Regeneration of fluoxetine-loaded sepiolite by electro-Fenton process(Bruna Silva et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.153. Efficiency evaluation of some agricultural waste materials for the biosorption of Cu(II) and Cr(VI) from water in a fixed-bed column(N. Blagojev et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.091. Optimal installation of the distributed H2 production system with cost and safety considerations(Jamin Koo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.141. Unsolved Trinity Analysis on the case of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.025. Degradation of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide by UV Solar radiation assisted oxidation processes(M Sanchez Polo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.024. Comparison of conventional electrodialysis (ED) and monovalent selective electrodialysis (SED) in treating reverse osmosis (RO) brine(Ye Yang et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.148. Using water invoices to foster consumers awareness(Rita_Martins et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.075. Minimising water consumption in onshore gas production and produced water management Water Energy nexus(S Bista et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.113. Smart Water Management System SWMS by ICT In Real Time Abdoul et al.pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.151. Vinasses-to-biomethane assessing the impact of operational conditions on the energetic and environmental performance of biorefineries (P Garcia et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.058. Heavy metal contamination of soil around Buffalo city metro municipality open Landfill(F O Unuofin et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.142. Private Sector Engagement for WASH the case of Mongolia Corporate WASH Responsibility (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.145. Use of pine bark greatly reduces the mobility of sulfonamides in soils(Manuel Conde et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.158.Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions using silica gel derived from Algerian siliceous by- products (I. Daouia).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.137. Thermographic imaging of water bodies to identify pollution (Stepan Marval et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.061. Influence of municipal solid waste compost application on soil fertility and barley yield(Houda Oueriemmi et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.094. Photocatalytic behavior of ZnAl hydrotalcite functionalized with SDS in phenol degradation(G Romero et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.167. New trends in advanced oxidation processes Electrochemical and Sonochemical oxidation systems for tartrazine removal(J. Ramon et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.166. Empirical equations for calculation of free water surface evaporation and identification of trends in measured variables in Hlasivo station(P. Suhajkova et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.076. Modeling Imbibition Capillary Pressure Curves from Drainage one(M Safari et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.037. Determinants of water services affordability(Micaela_Antunes et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.041. Evaluating effect of mixing in digester on overall efficiency of a large-scale biogas plant A case study(Singh Buta et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.109. Removal of Bisphenol A by adsorption onto novel carbon materials Effect of environmentally-relevant aqueous matrices(S Torrellas et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.077. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for selection of water treatment technology in Arsenic affected rural area in West Bengal, India(N Saha et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.168. Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network NUTRIMAN(D Hidalgo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.131. The cesium removal by using the nitric acid treated bamboo charcoal in polysulfone polymer as an adsorbent(Rahayu Ni et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.007. PrefaceWATER.pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.110. Removal of Tratrazine in Aqueous Solution by Heterogeneous Advanced Chemical Oxidation Processes(Teresa González et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.140. Trihalomethanes in chlorinated synthetic wastewaters(A. Marques et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.165. Determination of veterinary drug residues in bovine raw milk by GC MS using QUECHERS extraction(J. Goncalves et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.177. Can fruit and vegetable biowastes contribute to bioenergy supply(Joana Rodrigues et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.130. The application of electrodialysis enhanced with complex formation for the selective copper salt concentration from industrial wastewaters(Dorota Babilas et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.114. Soil washing coupled with the magnetic separation to remove heavy metals from metal contaminated soils(Taehyoung Kim et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.139. Treatment of agro-industrial effluents by Fenton based processes(J A Peres et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.155. Nitrate removal from aqueous solution using biosorbent equilibrium and kinetics studies(Benhahat A. et al.).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.174. Biodegradation of 1 2-Dibromoethane by Bradyrhizobium japonicum 273 cells in presence and absence of constant electric field (P Mancheva et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.069. Long term experience of an ANAMMOX system in an actual big city WWTP to improve nutrient removal rates. (Miguel A. Jaramillo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.050. Factors Influencing Attitudes and Practices towards Solid Waste Management in Lebanon(M. Massoud et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.172. Analysis of water quality and presence of agrochemicals in a straight of the Pirapó river basin, Paraná, Brazil(J E Gonçalves et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.065. Integrated biotechnological methods to treat the high toxicity of olive mill wastewater sludge loaded polyphenols and lipids(Y Bouhia et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.149. Valorization of local natural clay for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater a case of Cu (II) ion(M loutfi et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.051. Flood Risk Assessment for the Design of Hydraulic Structures – A Case Study of Greater Zaab River, Kurdistan Region, Iraq(S Munir et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.157. Snow as a Contributor to Spring Flooding in Belarus(A.Meshyk et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.175. Biodegradation of Phenol from the Bacterial Strein Pseudomonas Putida under the Stimulation Effect of Weak Electric Field (P Mancheva et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.178. Causes consequences and solutions to the problem of floating solid waste in the Segura River and its irrigation channels in the district of Vega Baja (R Abadia et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.023. Comparison of commercial PVDF membrane with laboratory-enhanced GO PVDF membrane in UF process (Martyna Blus et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.102. Quantification of the yearly residual biomass generation and carbon abatement potential of banana crops in Ecuador(Juvenal Alejandro Ortiz Ulloa et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.070. Management of Water Supply Demand in U.A.E with Six Sigma (Kahtan Aziz et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.150. Valorization of microalgae biomass by co-combustion with coal a thermogravimetric assesment(Marta Otero et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.097. Phyto-Dewatering Of Sewage Sludge(A G Ahmed).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.108. Rehabilitation of water contaminated with an organic solvent by an aerobic bacterium Toxicological and bioremoval assays(Ana Lago et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.063. Influence of the operational parameters in the separation of CO2 from biogas using hollow fiber membrane contactors(Dolores Hidalgo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.099. Pollution load and efficiency indices to evaluate urban Wastewater Treatment Plants performance in the Southwest of Spain a case study. (Miguel A. Jaramillo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.133. The potential for secondary anaerobic treatment of digestates and associated capture of biogas(Nilufer Ulgudur et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.010. Climatology and vulnerability to climate change in the Altos de Jalisco region, Mexico(Ramirez S et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.038. Effect of Components Composition on the Mechanism and Characteristics of Composite Fuel Ignition(D. Glushkov et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.026. Design of an economic heat-integrated distilled water pilot plant with internal water circulation cycle(E Abdelghani et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.047. Experimental Analysis and DFT Simulation for Phenolic Compounds Degradation by Free Radicals in EAOP (Xingyu Wu et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.090. Occurrence of micropollutants in the industrial wastewaters discharged to Yeşilırmak and Nilüfer Rivers in Turkey(E Kucuk et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.134. The use of UV-A LED radiation in the treatment of agro-industrial effluents by photo-Fenton and UV Peroxymonosulphate Fe oxidation processes(J A Peres et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.171. Analysis of R+D+i capabilities in the design of new energy products or services of Research Centers from EUROACE(J I Arranz et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.101. Produced Water Management include Experimental and Simulation for Water Compatibility Investigation(Saeed Abbasi et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.049. Factors affecting the performance of nanoparticle composite photocatalytic membrane(S Sakarkar et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.096. Physical-energy characterization of pellets from brewers spent grain(M T Miranda et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.152. Zebrafish embryo bioassays for the assessment of microalgae efficiency in the removal of salicylic acid and its toxic effects from water(Marta Otero et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.156. Self-sustaining treatment of digestate waste from semi-dry AD(H. Wyn et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.120. The use of a plant in scaling inhibition process(Hassiba T et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.116. Sustainable Community Based Ecological Surface Water Treatment For Safe Drinking Water Supply In Rural Areas(M Banik et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.088. Naproxen degradation by catalytic wet air oxidation with Ru and Pt catalysts(E. Serra Perez et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.124. Towards a prototype for smart irrigation using optimal control(A Caldeira et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.159. Smart Sampling and Probing (J C Pereira et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.074. Methodology for generic water pipe model Hydraulic simulation and failure risks due to polluting threats(Q Mansour et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.132. The fate of nanomaterials.(Paulo A et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.147. Using Magnetism and Magnetic Particles to Remediate Wastewater and Leachates(Paulo A et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.059. Hydrogen Production Automatic Control in Continuous Microbial(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.179. The effect of vacuum on activated sludge biocenosis – its biodiversity and survival of bacteria (A. Gnida).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.176. Changes in the themperature of the Guadalajara Metropolitan zone, México, under climate changes scenario(Hu Ramírez et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.067. Kinetic study of heterogeneous H2O2-assisted treatment of a winery wastewater using pillared clays(Vanessa G. et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.093. Optimizing the extraction of phenolic compounds from walnut (Juglans major 209 x Juglans regia) leaves a valorization proposal as a source of bioactive compounds(Julia G et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.170. Adsorption by Liquid-Solid extraction of mixture Nickel (II) and Copper (II) from aqueous solutions using chelating resin(A. Amara et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.022. Combination of adsorption and heterogeneous photo-Fenton processes for the treatment of a winery wastewater(Vanessa G. et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.057. Formulation of green emulsified liquid membrane for toxic chromium (Cr(VI)) recovery characterization, demulsification and diluent reuse(Ounissa Kebiche et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.082. Multivariable Robust Regulation of Alkalinities in a Continuous AD(Victor Alcaraz et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.095. Photocatalytic evaluation of hydroxyapatite materials for the degradation of chromium VI(Y Jiménez et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.164. Degradation of neonicotinoids by advanced oxidation process in water by O3 UV(T Gonzalez et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.118. Synthesis and characterisation of a new hetero-junction Ag NiO Application to photochemical hydrogen production upon visible light. (Bagtache Radia et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.062. Influence of negative pressure on activity of activated sludge bacteria (Kinga Pogoda).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.072. Methodology for Technical-Economic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems(Rubi Medina et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.129. The acceleration of the neutralization for concrete aggregate by using the sparging process of supercritical CO2 (Lee Jkinkyun et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.111. Reuse of wastewater treated by electrocoagulation in irrigation of market cultivation Lycopersicon esculentum (Boudjema Nouara et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.092. Optimized removal of naproxen and diclofenac from water using catalytic wet peroxide oxidation with an iron-based magnetic catalyst(Y. Huaccallo et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.036. Destruction of Natural Organic Matter by Electrooxidation on a Boron Doped Diamond Anode (Teresa Zayas et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.100. Quality control routine analysis of anions in drinking water by HPLC(L. Borges et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.160. Solar-Hydrogen Production with Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Metal Chalcogenides(A. Koca et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.162. A colorimetric and fluorescent sensor based-azo dye to develop test strip(souad fettouche et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.046. Evaluation of the use of desalinated seaweater for irrigation of young citrus trees in the Southeast of Spain. Preliminar results(J M Navarro et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.103. RAINSOFT – the tool for effective and safe management of rainwater in Prague city (A Zajicek et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.161. Understanding metals extraction mechanisms from fly and bottom ashes produced from municipal solid waste(M. AlGhouti et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.040. Estimation of Residual Gas Saturation by Imbibition Capillary Pressure Curves(M Safari et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.135. The willingness to pay for wastewater service in the context of transitional phase of sewerage construction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam(Truc-Le et al).pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.039. Efficiency evaluation of the heating medium on the solar collecting system Lee et al.pdf
jose/water2019/Pag.066. Is the plant water used efficiency modified by irrigation with ozonated water(Hernández V et al).pdf