Extended Abstracts E-Book

Pag.000. INDEX WWEM 2019.pdf
Pag.002. PrefaceWATER.pdf
Pag.005. Changes In The Temperature Of The Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone México Under Climate Change Scenarios (Hu Ramírez et al).pdf
Pag.024. Climatology and vulnerability to climate change in the “Altos de Jalisco” region, Mexico(Ramírez S et al).pdf
Pag.039. Degradation of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide by UV Solar radiation assisted oxidation processes(M Sanchez Polo et al).pdf
Pag.044. Design of an economic heat-integrated distilled water pilot plant with internal water circulation cycle(E Abdelghani et al).pdf
Pag.054. Hydrogen Production Automatic Control in Continuous Microbial(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
Pag.060. Hydrothermal synthesis of GO TiO2 composites with high performance as UV photocatalysts for degradation of parabens(MVLopezRamon et al).pdf
Pag.065.Influence of municipal solid waste compost application on soil fertility and barley yield(Houda Oueriemmi et al).pdf
Pag.069. Methodology for generic water pipe model Hydraulic simulation and failure risks due to polluting threats(Q Mansour et al).pdf
Pag.076. Multivariable Robust Regulation of Alkalinities in a Continuous AD(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
Pag.082. Pine bark amendment greatly reduces the mobility of sulfonamides in soils( M Conde et al).pdf
Pag.088. Smart Water Management System SWMS by ICT In Real Time (A Rjoub et al).pdf
Pag.092. Status of the peninsular spanish basins according to the quality of their bodies of water(ALEJANDRA C et al).pdf
Pag.098. Use of biomass ash to reduce tetracycline antibiotics toxicity on soil bacterial communities(Vanesa Santás et al).pdf
Pag.103. Private Sector Engagement for WASH the case of Mongolia Corporate WASH Responsibility (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf