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Pag.001. INDEX WWEM 2019.pdf
Pag.007. PrefaceWATER.pdf
Pag.010. Climatology and vulnerability to climate change in the Altos de Jalisco region, Mexico(Ramirez S et al).pdf
Pag.022. Combination of adsorption and heterogeneous photo-Fenton processes for the treatment of a winery wastewater(Vanessa G. et al).pdf
Pag.023. Comparison of commercial PVDF membrane with laboratory-enhanced GO PVDF membrane in UF process (Martyna Blus et al).pdf
Pag.024. Comparison of conventional electrodialysis (ED) and monovalent selective electrodialysis (SED) in treating reverse osmosis (RO) brine(Ye Yang et al).pdf
Pag.025. Degradation of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide by UV Solar radiation assisted oxidation processes(M Sanchez Polo et al).pdf
Pag.026. Design of an economic heat-integrated distilled water pilot plant with internal water circulation cycle(E Abdelghani et al).pdf
Pag.036. Destruction of Natural Organic Matter by Electrooxidation on a Boron Doped Diamond Anode (Teresa Zayas et al).pdf
Pag.037. Determinants of water services affordability(Micaela_Antunes et al).pdf
Pag.038. Effect of Components Composition on the Mechanism and Characteristics of Composite Fuel Ignition(D. Glushkov et al).pdf
Pag.039. Efficiency evaluation of the heating medium on the solar collecting system Lee et al.pdf
Pag.040. Estimation of Residual Gas Saturation by Imbibition Capillary Pressure Curves(M Safari et al).pdf
Pag.041. Evaluating effect of mixing in digester on overall efficiency of a large-scale biogas plant A case study(Singh Buta et al).pdf
Pag.042. Evaluation of Integrated Cost-Effective model in hydro economic modelling framework for sustainable water resource management in rural India (G BANERJEE et al).pdf
Pag.046. Evaluation of the use of desalinated seaweater for irrigation of young citrus trees in the Southeast of Spain. Preliminar results(J M Navarro et al).pdf
Pag.047. Experimental Analysis and DFT Simulation for Phenolic Compounds Degradation by Free Radicals in EAOP (Xingyu Wu et al).pdf
Pag.048. Extraction and transport of small organic compounds using polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs)(F Ouglish et al).pdf
Pag.049. Factors affecting the performance of nanoparticle composite photocatalytic membrane(S Sakarkar et al).pdf
Pag.050. Factors Influencing Attitudes and Practices towards Solid Waste Management in Lebanon(M. Massoud et al).pdf
Pag.051. Flood Risk Assessment for the Design of Hydraulic Structures – A Case Study of Greater Zaab River, Kurdistan Region, Iraq(S Munir et al).pdf
Pag.057. Formulation of green emulsified liquid membrane for toxic chromium (Cr(VI)) recovery characterization, demulsification and diluent reuse(Ounissa Kebiche et al).pdf
Pag.058. Heavy metal contamination of soil around Buffalo city metro municipality open Landfill(F O Unuofin et al).pdf
Pag.059. Hydrogen Production Automatic Control in Continuous Microbial(Victor_Alcaraz et al).pdf
Pag.060. Hypochlorite Ion Electrogeneration using a Dimensionally Stable Anode type of Ti PtPd Ox (T zayas et al).pdf
Pag.061. Influence of municipal solid waste compost application on soil fertility and barley yield(Houda Oueriemmi et al).pdf
Pag.062. Influence of negative pressure on activity of activated sludge bacteria (Kinga Pogoda).pdf
Pag.063. Influence of the operational parameters in the separation of CO2 from biogas using hollow fiber membrane contactors(Dolores Hidalgo et al).pdf
Pag.065. Integrated biotechnological methods to treat the high toxicity of olive mill wastewater sludge loaded polyphenols and lipids(Y Bouhia et al).pdf
Pag.066. Is the plant water used efficiency modified by irrigation with ozonated water(Hernández V et al).pdf
Pag.067. Kinetic study of heterogeneous H2O2-assisted treatment of a winery wastewater using pillared clays(Vanessa G. et al).pdf
Pag.068. Life-cycle of Post-consumer Mattresses Waste Streams and Recycling Challenges(Daniel Goddard et al).pdf
Pag.069. Long term experience of an ANAMMOX system in an actual big city WWTP to improve nutrient removal rates. (Miguel A. Jaramillo et al).pdf
Pag.070. Management of Water Supply Demand in U.A.E with Six Sigma (Kahtan Aziz et al).pdf
Pag.071. Measuring the environmental footprint of bio-hythane (hydrogen-methane) production from renewable resources(P Garcia et al).pdf
Pag.072. Methodology for Technical-Economic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems(Rubi Medina et al).pdf
Pag.074. Methodology for generic water pipe model Hydraulic simulation and failure risks due to polluting threats(Q Mansour et al).pdf
Pag.075. Minimising water consumption in onshore gas production and produced water management Water Energy nexus(S Bista et al).pdf
Pag.076. Modeling Imbibition Capillary Pressure Curves from Drainage one(M Safari et al).pdf
Pag.077. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for selection of water treatment technology in Arsenic affected rural area in West Bengal, India(N Saha et al).pdf
Pag.080. Multicriteria Decision Support Tool to Evaluate the Replacement of Water Meters(SergioFernandes et al).pdf
Pag.082. Multivariable Robust Regulation of Alkalinities in a Continuous AD(Victor Alcaraz et al).pdf
Pag.088. Naproxen degradation by catalytic wet air oxidation with Ru and Pt catalysts(E. Serra Perez et al).pdf
Pag.089. Neonicotinoids removal by associated binary, tertiary and quaternary advanced oxidation processes. Synergistic effects, kinetics and mineralization ability(Teresa González et al).pdf
Pag.090. Occurrence of micropollutants in the industrial wastewaters discharged to Yeşilırmak and Nilüfer Rivers in Turkey(E Kucuk et al).pdf
Pag.091. Optimal installation of the distributed H2 production system with cost and safety considerations(Jamin Koo et al).pdf
Pag.092. Optimized removal of naproxen and diclofenac from water using catalytic wet peroxide oxidation with an iron-based magnetic catalyst(Y. Huaccallo et al).pdf
Pag.093. Optimizing the extraction of phenolic compounds from walnut (Juglans major 209 x Juglans regia) leaves a valorization proposal as a source of bioactive compounds(Julia G et al).pdf
Pag.094. Photocatalytic behavior of ZnAl hydrotalcite functionalized with SDS in phenol degradation(G Romero et al).pdf
Pag.095. Photocatalytic evaluation of hydroxyapatite materials for the degradation of chromium VI(Y Jiménez et al).pdf
Pag.096. Physical-energy characterization of pellets from brewers spent grain(M T Miranda et al).pdf
Pag.097. Phyto-Dewatering Of Sewage Sludge(A G Ahmed).pdf
Pag.099. Pollution load and efficiency indices to evaluate urban Wastewater Treatment Plants performance in the Southwest of Spain a case study. (Miguel A. Jaramillo et al).pdf
Pag.100. Quality control routine analysis of anions in drinking water by HPLC(L. Borges et al).pdf
Pag.101. Produced Water Management include Experimental and Simulation for Water Compatibility Investigation(Saeed Abbasi et al).pdf
Pag.102. Quantification of the yearly residual biomass generation and carbon abatement potential of banana crops in Ecuador(Juvenal Alejandro Ortiz Ulloa et al).pdf
Pag.103. RAINSOFT – the tool for effective and safe management of rainwater in Prague city (A Zajicek et al).pdf
Pag.104. Recycling High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) into Construction materials as key step in Plastic Waste Reduction case of Kigali City(Isabane et al).pdf
Pag.107. Regeneration of fluoxetine-loaded sepiolite by electro-Fenton process(Bruna Silva et al).pdf
Pag.108. Rehabilitation of water contaminated with an organic solvent by an aerobic bacterium Toxicological and bioremoval assays(Ana Lago et al).pdf
Pag.109. Removal of Bisphenol A by adsorption onto novel carbon materials Effect of environmentally-relevant aqueous matrices(S Torrellas et al).pdf
Pag.110. Removal of Tratrazine in Aqueous Solution by Heterogeneous Advanced Chemical Oxidation Processes(Teresa González et al).pdf
Pag.111. Reuse of wastewater treated by electrocoagulation in irrigation of market cultivation Lycopersicon esculentum (Boudjema Nouara et al).pdf
Pag.112. Rivers Runoff in Belarus Today’s Situation and Future Perspectives(A Volchak).pdf
Pag.113. Smart Water Management System SWMS by ICT In Real Time Abdoul et al.pdf
Pag.114. Soil washing coupled with the magnetic separation to remove heavy metals from metal contaminated soils(Taehyoung Kim et al).pdf
Pag.115. State of the basins in peninsular Spain for the quality of the water(A CASTRO ET AL).pdf
Pag.116. Sustainable Community Based Ecological Surface Water Treatment For Safe Drinking Water Supply In Rural Areas(M Banik et al).pdf
Pag.118. Synthesis and characterisation of a new hetero-junction Ag NiO Application to photochemical hydrogen production upon visible light. (Bagtache Radia et al).pdf
Pag.119. Synthesis properties and photocatalytic evaluation of titanium-based nanocomposite materials for the photo-oxidation of arsenic in aqueous solution(A Michelle Navarrete et al).pdf
Pag.120. The use of a plant in scaling inhibition process(Hassiba T et al).pdf
Pag.124. Towards a prototype for smart irrigation using optimal control(A Caldeira et al).pdf
Pag.126. The Concept and Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Urban Area of Thailand (Nathaporn A et al).pdf
Pag.129. The acceleration of the neutralization for concrete aggregate by using the sparging process of supercritical CO2 (Lee Jkinkyun et al).pdf
Pag.130. The application of electrodialysis enhanced with complex formation for the selective copper salt concentration from industrial wastewaters(Dorota Babilas et al).pdf
Pag.131. The cesium removal by using the nitric acid treated bamboo charcoal in polysulfone polymer as an adsorbent(Rahayu Ni et al).pdf
Pag.132. The fate of nanomaterials.(Paulo A et al).pdf
Pag.133. The potential for secondary anaerobic treatment of digestates and associated capture of biogas(Nilufer Ulgudur et al).pdf
Pag.134. The use of UV-A LED radiation in the treatment of agro-industrial effluents by photo-Fenton and UV Peroxymonosulphate Fe oxidation processes(J A Peres et al).pdf
Pag.135. The willingness to pay for wastewater service in the context of transitional phase of sewerage construction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam(Truc-Le et al).pdf
Pag.137. Thermographic imaging of water bodies to identify pollution (Stepan Marval et al).pdf
Pag.139. Treatment of agro-industrial effluents by Fenton based processes(J A Peres et al).pdf
Pag.140. Trihalomethanes in chlorinated synthetic wastewaters(A. Marques et al).pdf
Pag.141. Unsolved Trinity Analysis on the case of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf
Pag.142. Private Sector Engagement for WASH the case of Mongolia Corporate WASH Responsibility (Urangoo Bulgamaa et al).pdf
Pag.144. Use of biomass ash to reduce tetracycline antibiotics toxicity on soil bacterial communities(Vanesa Santás et al).pdf
Pag.145. Use of pine bark greatly reduces the mobility of sulfonamides in soils(Manuel Conde et al).pdf
Pag.146. Use of water for the preparation of new N-acyl sulfonamide derivatives (C BOUGHELOUM et al).pdf
Pag.147. Using Magnetism and Magnetic Particles to Remediate Wastewater and Leachates(Paulo A et al).pdf
Pag.148. Using water invoices to foster consumers awareness(Rita_Martins et al).pdf
Pag.149. Valorization of local natural clay for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater a case of Cu (II) ion(M loutfi et al).pdf
Pag.150. Valorization of microalgae biomass by co-combustion with coal a thermogravimetric assesment(Marta Otero et al).pdf
Pag.151. Vinasses-to-biomethane assessing the impact of operational conditions on the energetic and environmental performance of biorefineries (P Garcia et al).pdf
Pag.152. Zebrafish embryo bioassays for the assessment of microalgae efficiency in the removal of salicylic acid and its toxic effects from water(Marta Otero et al).pdf
Pag.153. Efficiency evaluation of some agricultural waste materials for the biosorption of Cu(II) and Cr(VI) from water in a fixed-bed column(N. Blagojev et al).pdf
Pag.155. Nitrate removal from aqueous solution using biosorbent equilibrium and kinetics studies(Benhahat A. et al.).pdf
Pag.156. Self-sustaining treatment of digestate waste from semi-dry AD(H. Wyn et al).pdf
Pag.157. Snow as a Contributor to Spring Flooding in Belarus(A.Meshyk et al).pdf
Pag.158.Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions using silica gel derived from Algerian siliceous by- products (I. Daouia).pdf
Pag.159. Smart Sampling and Probing (J C Pereira et al).pdf
Pag.160. Solar-Hydrogen Production with Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Metal Chalcogenides(A. Koca et al).pdf
Pag.161. Understanding metals extraction mechanisms from fly and bottom ashes produced from municipal solid waste(M. AlGhouti et al).pdf
Pag.162. A colorimetric and fluorescent sensor based-azo dye to develop test strip(souad fettouche et al).pdf
Pag.164. Degradation of neonicotinoids by advanced oxidation process in water by O3 UV(T Gonzalez et al).pdf
Pag.165. Determination of veterinary drug residues in bovine raw milk by GC MS using QUECHERS extraction(J. Goncalves et al).pdf
Pag.166. Empirical equations for calculation of free water surface evaporation and identification of trends in measured variables in Hlasivo station(P. Suhajkova et al).pdf
Pag.167. New trends in advanced oxidation processes Electrochemical and Sonochemical oxidation systems for tartrazine removal(J. Ramon et al).pdf
Pag.168. Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network NUTRIMAN(D Hidalgo et al).pdf
Pag.170. Adsorption by Liquid-Solid extraction of mixture Nickel (II) and Copper (II) from aqueous solutions using chelating resin(A. Amara et al).pdf
Pag.171. Analysis of R+D+i capabilities in the design of new energy products or services of Research Centers from EUROACE(J I Arranz et al).pdf
Pag.172. Analysis of water quality and presence of agrochemicals in a straight of the Pirapó river basin, Paraná, Brazil(J E Gonçalves et al).pdf
Pag.173. Applications of Ochrobactrum oryzae silver nanoparticles for the removal of heavy metals from sewage sludge(Sinqobile Fanele et al).pdf
Pag.174. Biodegradation of 1 2-Dibromoethane by Bradyrhizobium japonicum 273 cells in presence and absence of constant electric field (P Mancheva et al).pdf
Pag.175. Biodegradation of Phenol from the Bacterial Strein Pseudomonas Putida under the Stimulation Effect of Weak Electric Field (P Mancheva et al).pdf
Pag.176. Changes in the themperature of the Guadalajara Metropolitan zone, México, under climate changes scenario(Hu Ramírez et al).pdf
Pag.177. Can fruit and vegetable biowastes contribute to bioenergy supply(Joana Rodrigues et al).pdf
Pag.178. Causes consequences and solutions to the problem of floating solid waste in the Segura River and its irrigation channels in the district of Vega Baja (R Abadia et al).pdf
Pag.179. The effect of vacuum on activated sludge biocenosis – its biodiversity and survival of bacteria (A. Gnida).pdf