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Pag.001.INDEX MNS 2019.pdf
Pag.006. Preface MNS 2019.pdf
Pag.008. Characterisation on Spontaneous Redox-state Transition of Phosphomolybdic Acid Molecule Functionalised on Carbon Nanotube (M Akai).pdf
Pag.009. Characterization of donor and acceptor discotic liquid crystals to apply in organic devices (M Dotto et al).pdf
Pag.010. Characterization of silane-base self-assembled monolayer on the anodic oxidation of tantalum films for copper metallization(Sung-Te Chen).pdf
Pag.011. Characterization of two Isomeric Dithia[7]helicenes in the Solid State and Adsorbed on Gold Surface(Bianca C. Baciu et al).pdf
Pag.012. Comparison between geometry-based and voxel-based modelling techniques for the prediction (G Vega et al).pdf
Pag.013. Complex Faraday and Kerr Rotations in Right and Left Handed Films and Layered Structures(Esther Jodar et al).pdf
Pag.014. Conductivity of PMMA composite casting films filled with ultra-high aspect ratio of carbon fibers(H Xu et al).pdf
Pag.015. Confinement-Induced Ordering and Self-Folding of Cellulose Nanofibrils(Kathleen Smith et al).pdf
Pag.017. Core-shell Graphene quantum dots on metal oxide extended hexapod heterostructures sensitive detection of bisphenol A in live cells(Ghazala Ashraf et al).pdf
Pag.018. Critical elements-free magnetic materials FeNi films synthesis and characterization (G Baruca et al).pdf
Pag.019. Crystalline phase fractions in zirconia ceramics for Dental Applications(I DENRY et al).pdf
Pag.020. Delayed Fluorescence by TTA Mechanisms in Columnar Liquid Crystal Molecules(Juliana Eccher et al).pdf
Pag.021. Demonstration of the industrial use of banana plant fibres in injection and blow moulding parts(Noelia Diazet al).pdf
Pag.022. Detection of 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine in saliva with screen-printed electrodes modified with graphene (Codruta Varodi et al).pdf
Pag.023. Different approaches to load SPION inside lumen of halloysite nanotubes(Hady Hamza et al).pdf
Pag.024. Evaluation Study On Modified Phenolic Resins In Protection Of Heat Sensetive Structures(M Gamil et al).pdf
Pag.025. Efect of sintering temperature and Nano-Grain refinement on the aging resistance of dental zirconia(HOLLOWAY et al).pdf
Pag.026. Effect of operating conditions on the surface properties of plasma treated polycaprolatone surfaces(Elhassan AMATERZ et al).pdf
Pag.027. Effect of polythiophene thickness on hybrid sensor sensitivity(BELHOUSSE Samia et al).pdf
Pag.028. Effect of potassium polyacrylate on the morphology and particle size of a spray dryed metakaolin-based geopolymer(M ROMAN et al).pdf
Pag.030. Effect of the pore diameter on the ion penetration into nanoporous alumina at electroless metal deposition(B Tzaneva et al).pdf
Pag.031. Effects of hydrothermal reaction and annealing temperature on the quality of nitrogen-doped graphene(Maria Coros et al).pdf
Pag.032. Electrochemical Performances of NiO LSO-LSGM LCM and NiO LSO-LSGM NiO Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(A R NOVIYANTI et al).pdf
Pag.033. Electrochemical detection of 8-Hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine with modified electrodes (Stela Pruneanu et al).pdf
Pag.034. Electroless deposition of copper or nickel-phosphor layers on ABS details obtained by 3D printing(M Petrova et al).pdf
Pag.035. Electrospun nanofibrous lignin material for the adsorption of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater(Alexandre Camire et al).pdf
Pag.036. Engineering Miniaturized Nanoplatforms via Plasmonic Calligraphy for Efficient Multimodal Biodetection(Monica FOCSAN et al).pdf
Pag.037. Enzymatic degradation study of PLA-based composite scaffolds(Ricardo Donate et al).pdf
Pag.038. Green process of adipic acid synthesis from cyclohexanone and cyclohexene over Dawson-type polyoxometates (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
Pag.039. Hard and black DLC coating for wear protective coatings and optical applications(Helge Lux et al).pdf
Pag.040. High Hardness and Better Pitting Corrosion Resistance of AISI 316L Stainless Steel by a Self-protective Paste Nitriding Process(G. Vargas et al).pdf
Pag.041. Highly fluorescent, color tunable and magnetic quaternary Ag-In-Mn-Zn-S quantum dots synthesis and characterizations(Galiyeva P et al).pdf
Pag.042. Improvement of fibre quality by enhancement the fibre extraction process(N Padilla et al).pdf
Pag.043. Influence of ZN solution concentration on the growth of Zn-Sn-O nanostructure thin films(IAICHE Sabrina et al).pdf
Pag.044. Influence of cobalt ions on structural properties of new lithium-zirconate-tellurate glass-ceramics(Lidia Pop et al).pdf
Pag.045. Influence of the almond shell particle size on mechanical properties of (A Martinez et al).pdf
Pag.047. Investigation of Hot Deformation Parameters on Efficiency of Power Dissipation in an NCATB Shape Memory Alloy using Taguchi Method (S H Adrash et al).pdf
Pag.049. Investigation of Light Harvesting in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Decorated with ZnO Nanoflowers(Fang-I Lai et al).pdf
Pag.050. Investigation of P3HT Photodegradation for Solar Applications(Taha Kubbar et al).pdf
Pag.051. MD Simulation of Polymer Brushes in Nanopores (Chenxu Wu et al).pdf
Pag.052. Measurements and identification of magnetomechanical properties in shear mode of smart elastomer composite materials(S.Aguib et al).pdf
Pag.053. Metallic ink based on nickel NPs with silver nanoshell for preparation of conductive materials(A P Swierzy et al).pdf
Pag.054. Micron scale deformation measurements of metals in(Dankházi Z et al).pdf
Pag.055. Microstructure and mechanical properties of recycled AA6111 alloys processed by direct chill casting with melt conditioning(I Chang et al).pdf
Pag.056. Modified High Lignin Content Microfibrillated Cellulose Polylactic Acid Biocomposites (F.Yetis et al).pdf
Pag.057. Molecular separation of CH4 C2H6 mixtures using porous boron nitride(A M Bubenchikov et al).pdf
Pag.058. Nanoparticles in enhancing microwave imaging and microwave hyperthermia effect for liver cancer treatment(W Maamoun et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.059. Nanosystems for Strontium-90 Capture based on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles(P Duel et al).pdf
Pag.060. Novel electrospinning method for the production of chitosane-cellulose membranes for an efficient adsorption of copper ions in wastewater(Ilse Cardenas et al).pdf
Pag.061. Performance of Cellulose Acetate Hydroxyapatite Composite Membrane for Chrome Removal from Waste Water(E E Ernawati et al).pdf
Pag.062. Perovskites (La Ba)(Fe Ti)O3 AO7 Photocatalysis under Visible Light(Ana Rodrigues et al).pdf
Pag.063. Perylene diimide receptors supported on iron magnetic nanoparticles for the removal of PAHs in water (Alberto Leon et al).pdf
Pag.064. Pilot plant for the new use of a waste of banana crop to develop products of plastic composite and aquaculture(BAQUA Gisela et al).pdf
Pag.065. Pre-treatment of dielectrics and technological process for deposition of chemical copper layers from ecological copper solution(M Georgieva et al).pdf
Pag.066. Preliminary Investigation of the Ability of a Baker’s Yeast for Biosynthesis of Metal Oxides Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Its Antibacterial Activity(Safri Ishmayana et al).pdf
Pag.067. Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles containing cefaclor monohydrate by nano-spray drying method for extended release(Ozturk A A).pdf
Pag.068. Preparation and in vitro Evaluation of Nanosuspension Containing Cefpodoxime Proxetil By Nano-Spray Drying Method(Umay Merve).pdf.pdf
Pag.069. Preparation of silica from rice husk and its application for fabrication of zinc oxide-silica composite with high photocatalytic activity for reduction of chromium in waste water(Diana R et al).pdf
Pag.070. Prepration and characterization of Mo and Sn based Keggin –type polyoxometalates. Catalytic application in cyclohexanone oxidation (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
Pag.071. Pressure and Temperature Effects on Separation of Gd3+ from (Iman Rahayu et al).pdf
Pag.072. Probing shape-memory assisted scratch-healing properties of optically transparent crosslinked thiol-ene coatings for optoelectronic applications(Algirdas Lazauskas et al).pdf
Pag.073. Processability and characterization of polymers additivated with natural flame retardants(Raquel Ortega et al).pdf
Pag.074. Pulsed UV-Laser Ablation of the Chalcogenide Glasses(Petr Knotek et al).pdf
Pag.075. Quality Amorphous IGZO Thin Film Deposited by AP-PECVD(C H Wu et al).pdf
Pag.076. Rational design of ceria-based nanocatalysts for CO2 hydrogenation(KONSOLAKIS MICHALIS et al).pdf
Pag.077. Removing halogenated VOCs with hybrid magnetic nanoparticles(M N Piña et al).pdf
Pag.078. Rhodamine Based Chemosensors for Metal Ions Effect of Substituents (Partha Roy).pdf
Pag.079. Soda Lime Glass Strengthening By A Flame Assisted Spray Pyrolisis Chemical Tempering Process.(Obed Morales et al).pdf
Pag.080. Some properties of concrete with plastic aggregate derived from shredded PVC sheets(ilham ibrahim et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.081. Step Nanostructure Evolution at the Thin Film Gold Substrate Interface(L chen et al).pdf
Pag.082. Structural, electronic, elastic and thermodynamical properties of BaSrLiH3(B Bahloul et al).pdf
Pag.083. Study of Current Conduction Mechanism of Tb And Mn Codoped Bismuth Ferrite Grafted Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Nanocomposite Film (M Halder et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.084. Study on mixed sodium manganese-copper sulfate dihydrates as precursors for electrode materials for sodium ion batteries(D Manasieva et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.085. Studying the onset of galvanic corrosion in steel using(Debi Garai et al).pdf
Pag.086. Super Hydrophobic Behaviour of Aluminum Nitride Microstructure Produced by High Current Arc Evaporation(M Edling et al).pdf
Pag.087. Sustainable Production of Polypropylene Carbonate using Captured CO2 Emissions and Renewable Feedstocks(T oliver et al).pdf
Pag.088. Synergistic effect of defect and surface plasmon resonance in Au Ag3PO4 for enhanced photocatalytic activity (Uyi Sulaeman et al).pdf
Pag.089. Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Nanoparticles for Sustainable Catalytic Applications (G Collins et al).pdf
Pag.090. Synthesis of heteroatoms doped co-doped graphene by exfoliation of graphite rods via pulses of current (Florina Pogacean et al).pdf
Pag.091. Tailoring of sulfate-based polyanion electrode materials nickel versus cobalt(D Manasieva et al).pdf
Pag.092. The enhancement of piezoelectric performance in nanogenerators (H G KIM et al).pdf
Pag.093. The hybrid structure of ZnO nanorods and perovskite-polymer composites for the piezoelectric nanogenerators as smart sensors(H G KIM et al).pdf
Pag.094. The impact of silver nanoparticles on optical and structural properties of some samarium doped alkali-borate glasses and glass ceramics(Lidia Pop et al).pdf
Pag.095. The next generation of 3D printing multi-materials additive manufacturing(shoufeng yang).pdf
Pag.096. The study of graphite graphene-based conductive ink formulations (Yue Guo et al).pdf
Pag.097. The study on the UV shielding property of SiO2-TiO2 alternating stack multilayer film deposited by RF sputtering.pdf
Pag.098. Title of the work that will be presented on the 2019 International Conference on Materials and Nanomaterials(W Hussein et al).pdf
Pag.099. Universal Model for Performance Characterization of Porous Heterogeneous Materials(Muhammad Burhan et al).pdf
Pag.100. Uptake of aqueous Cd2+, Co2+ and MoO42- by recycled concrete fines(Michael Rivett et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.101. Zeolite Synthesis From Geophagic Clays(I V Joseph et al).pdf
Pag.102. ZnO Mg ZnAl2O4 heterostructures formation on silicon substrate for Ammoniac(IAICHE Sabrina et al).pdf
Pag.103. PH dependent Ligand Sensitized Metal Centered Luminescence of Metal-Organic Materials in Aqueous Medium (Partha Mahata).pdf
Pag.104. Electrochemical deposition process of Barium phosphate, a promising anode for Rhodamine B degradation (Elhassan AMATERZ et al).pdf
Pag.105. Investigation of electrospun nickel manganite-carbon nanofibers (Di Blasi et al).pdf
Pag.106. Synthesis of highly crystalline carbon nanotubes by electric arc discharge and their field emission characteristics(Z Taehun et al).pdf
Pag.107. Temperature effect on Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor on capacitance C(V) Structure Based On GaAs Si(Guenifi_Rahi et al).pdf
Pag.108. The effect of the copolymer latex as stabilizer on the rheology of Ag Ethylene glycol nanofluid(Z. Soukaina et al).pdf
Pag.110. TiO2 Au Layers Prepared by Laser Ablation for Visible-light Water Splitting(R.Fajgar et al).pdf
Pag.111. Composite chitosan-bioactive glass membranes for direct pulp-capping(Victoria Elmes et al).pdf
Pag.112. Conformal Amorphous Carbon-Coating on a High Surface Area 3D Ni Nanomesh Current Collector and Its Application in Li-O2 Battery(Y kee et al).pdf
Pag.114. Effect of post-selenization on the performance of CZTSe thin film solar cells(Shou-Yi Kuo et al).pdf
Pag.115. Improvement of Basic Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced TPU Based Bio-composites by Applying Surface Treatments on Fiber Surface(A. O. Akar et al).pdf
Pag.116. In situ AFM depth-corrected TOF-SIMS study of a multilayer vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) sample(S Kalacska et al).pdf
Pag.117. Investigation of electrospun nickel manganite-carbon nanofibers as electrodes for vanadium redox flow battery (Di Blasi et al).pdf
Pag.118. Investigations on Bentonite and Organo-modified Clays and Their Use in Polyamide Based Nano-composites(A Akar et al).pdf
Pag.119. LIFE BAQUA mechanical test results obtained on prepared bio composite materials with different content of banana fibres(U Bozik et al).pdf
Pag.120. Nano-architectured photoanodes based on TiO2-nanorod modified by Co-ZIF67 for water splitting (Waleed El Rouby et al).pdf
Pag.121. New materials and process technologies for affordable lightweight vehicles(M Bang).pdf
Pag.122. Optical Characterization Of (ZnS) Thin Film By Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition Technique(M. Bilya et al).pdf
Pag.123. A computational study of plasticity induced damage during Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment(SMAT) in TWIP TRIP AISI 304 stainless steel(Z.chen et al).pdf
Pag.124. Ab initio study of the electronic and thermoelectric properties monolayer INSE, GASE and INGASE2(Hannan Elsayed et al).pdf
Pag.125. Accelerating materials exploration with adaptive design(C Y Jui et al).pdf
Pag.126. Antimicrobial polymer-clay composite films(Nichola Coleman et al).pdf
Pag.127. Application of Microcapsules of Key Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Essential Oil to Cotton Textile for Mosquito Repellent(E. Jula et al).pdf
Pag.128. Capturing dioxins in water with a highly efficient nanomaterial(Jeroni Morey et al).pdf
Pag.129. Cellulose Hydrogels Physically Crosslinked by Glycine Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal and Mechanical Properties(Sinem Palantöken et al).pdf
Pag.130. Reversible DNA Compaction Induced By Partial Intercalation(P. Perez et al).pdf
Pag.131. Aqueous Gold Nanoparticle Solutions for Improved Efficiency in Electrogenerated Chemiluminescent Reactions(P. Perez et al).pdf