Extended Abstracts E-Book

Pag.001. INDEX GEET 2019.pdf
Pag.003. Preface GEET 2019.pdf
Pag.006. Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by means Hybrid Material(L rivera et al).pdf
Pag.010. Combined electrodialysis and electrocoagulation as treatment for industrial wastewater containing arsenic and copper(Hansen et al).pdf
Pag.016. Conventional pyrolysis of sawdust to obtain wood vinegar(J. Fernández-Ferreras et al).pdf
Pag.020. Effect of architectural solutions for clean energy in Healthcare Buildings(F Kocyigit et al).pdf
Pag.026. Elaboration of a lightweight concrete with high energetic performances (LC-HEP) Study of the impregnation rate together with the mechanical properties(M Dehmous et al).pdf
Pag.032.Evaluation of c-si PV modules performances in desert environment (KHERICI Zoubida et al).pdf
Pag.039. Experimental investigation the effect of Fe2O3 nanoparticle on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of Dimethyl Ether and gasoline(S Jafarmadar et al).pdf
Pag.044. Modeling of pollution diffusion into air in rectangular area(Andrimalala S et al).pdf
Pag.050. Optimization of Electric Vehicle charging strategies. The case of Spain in 2030(P Bastida et al).pdf
Pag.055. Optimization of electrochemical process for anthracene removal from aqueous medium by Taguchi (G Kashi et al).pdf
Pag.061. Hydrodynamic wind induce model influencing inner Murchison Bay flow circulation S Paul et al.pdf
Pag.067. D-FACTS Systems Inflected to Distributed Generation for Improving Power Quality(S Zegnoun).pdf
Pag.071. Feasibility Investigation of Floating Solar PV Hydro Grid-tied Hybrid (M. Naing et al).pdf
Pag.077. Statistical Analysis of Solar Radiation and Climatic Data for Maiduguri, Minna and Port Harcourt, Nigeria(Hauwa Abdulkarim et al).pdf
Pag.083. The Development Of a Microgeneration System To Obtain Energy From Tidal Currents(Victor Manuel Ramirez et al).pdf
Pag.089. Thermal Diffusion NewMaterial Concept Specific For Thermal Environment(Tiana J et al).pdf
Pag.094. Utilization of waste timber for construction industry using finger joint technique(Muthumala et al).pdf