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Pag.001.INDEX GEET 2019.pdf
Pag.003. Preface GEET 2019.pdf
Pag.009. An integral and sustainable approach of Jatropha curcas Towards a circular economy (D. J. Escalante et al).pdf
Pag.010. Analysis of lost energy, looking for efficient buildings(D Carmona et al).pdf
Pag.011. Analysis on Micro dust Removal Driven By Electrostatic Spray in Exhaust gas (H Song et al).pdf
Pag.012. Application of Bacillus thuringiensis to enhance electricity production generated from wetland-microbial fuel cell efficiency and possible mechanism (C.Treesubsuntorn et al).pdf
Pag.013. Application of Oligo(ethylene-oxide)-substituted Conjugated Polymers and Small Molecules in Organic Photovoltaic Cells Processed from Green Solvents (Ana Charas et al).pdf
Pag.014. Application of TiO2-embedded expanded polystyrene balls (J C Joo et al).pdf
Pag.015. Application of ionic liquids for separation of halogenated aromatic acids from aqueous effluents(Tomas_Weidlich et al).pdf
Pag.016. Asseessment of furfural inhibition on some Saccharomyces strains in lignocellulosic hydrolyzate fermentation (Nguyen D T et al).pdf
Pag.021. Assessing waste heat recovery potential in a Portuguese structural ceramic industry (Helena Monteiro et al).pdf
Pag.022. Biological Potential of Cork Wastewater Ultrafiltration Fractions (M Minhalma et al).pdf
Pag.023. Biomass in the Energy Mix of Algeria (H SALIHA et al).pdf
Pag.024. CaO (from eggshell waste) impregnated with alkali metals as a heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production (K.E. Rodríguez et al).pdf
Pag.025. Community of microorganisms with dominance of phototrophs for oil pollution biodegradation in coastal areas(P J Arias et al).pdf
Pag.026. Consequential LCA in the feasibility study of integrated EFB-based dissolving pulp and furfural production(A.Putra et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.027. Conventional pyrolysis of sawdust to obtain wood vinegar(J. Fernández-Ferreras et al).pdf
Pag.031. Cu2+ and Zn2+ concentrations in the seawater of Marbella Bay(Goryachkin et al).pdf
Pag.032. Development of Concept of Innovative Chemical Reaction System using External Stimuli Responsive Capsules D Kobayashi et al.pdf
Pag.033. Devulcanization of EPDM from Roofing Systems waste(Xavier Colom et al).pdf
Pag.034. Effects of amino functionalization on Zr-based MOFS for methane and carbon dioxide adsorption(Orawee Lamoonkit et al).pdf
Pag.035. Elaboration of a lightweigth concrete with high energetic performances (LC-HEP) Study of the impregnation rate together with the mechanical properties (DEHMOUS M hand et al).pdf
Pag.036. Electrodialysis and electrocoagulation as combined treatment for industrial wastewater containing arsenic and copper(Henrik Hansen et al).pdf
Pag.037. Endogenous Fires in Hard Coal Mines as a Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions(Karolina Wojtacha-Rychter).pdf
Pag.038. Energy Efficiency Analysis of Kızılcasar Village in terms of Historic and Vernacular Architecture (F. Bal Kocyigit).pdf
Pag.043. Energy efficient research in regional architecture(F B Kocygit et al).pdf
Pag.044. Energy-active roof system – design, development and testing.(P.Bibora et al).pdf
Pag.045. Environmental effectiveness of renewable and nuclear energy sources(Vladimir A. Grachev and Natalia I. Kurysheva).pdf
Pag.049. Estimation of Optimum Orientation for Solar Panels mounted on Buildings in Sri Lanka(Mandula Sugathapala et al).pdf
Pag.050. Evaluation of applicability of TiO2-embedded expanded polystyrene balls to inhibit the algal growth in mesocosms from rivers and lakes(Min Ji Lee et al).pdf
Pag.051. Evaluation of c-si PV modules performances in desert environment (KHERICI Zoubida et al).pdf
Pag.052. Evaluation of modeling and numerical simulation of an Integrated thermal Solar System in several regions in Algeria(Nor REBAH et al).pdf
Pag.053. Experimental investigation the effect of Fe2O3 nanoparticle on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of Dimethyl Ether and gasoline(S Jafarmadar et al).pdf
Pag.058. Feasibility Investigation of Floating Solar PV-Hydro Grid-tied Hybrid System A Case Study of Green Energy Boost in Shan State, Myanmar(M. Naing Ya et al).pdf
Pag.059. Fungi and biodegradation of polyester polyurethane (S Khan et al).pdf
Pag.060. Graphite felt incorporated with MoS2 rGO for electrochemical detoxification of high-arsenic fly ash(Yang Luo et al).pdf
Pag.061. Green process of adipic acid synthesis from cyclohexanone and cyclohexene over Dawson-type polyoxometates (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
Pag.062. Green-house Gas Storage through Enhanced Hydrate Formation – Effects of Promoters on Gas Uptake(T Absuwan et al).pdf
Pag.063. High Coke-Resistance NiAl-MnY Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane(Fatima Z. et al).pdf
Pag.064. How is Sustainable Hydropower Development achieved in Myanmar(A. Z. Ya et al).pdf
Pag.065. Hydrodynamic wind induce model influencing inner Murchison Bay flow circulation S Paul et al.pdf
Pag.071. Identifying Optimum Solar PV-Wind Hybrid Model in HOMER Pro Aiming Green Growth for Off-grid Village in Thanintharyi, Myanmar(A. Z. Ya et al).pdf
Pag.072. Improving Building Energy Demand Prediction Using Machine Learning Approach(Monem Beitelmalet al).pdf
Pag.073. Increased gaseous benzene remediation by inoculated Chlorophytum comosum with endophytic Enterobacter sp. EN2 A. Setsungnern et al..pdf
Pag.074. Integrated use of Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Ground Penetration Radar for identifying subsurface sinkholes in Rufa Graben Central Riyadh(Saad Mogren).pdf
Pag.080. Isolation and characterization of Fusarium solani a novel Bisphenol A degrading fungus(J Cerven et al).pdf
Pag.081. Kinetics of neonicotinoids destruction by UV irradiation (F J Benitez et al).pdf
Pag.082. Liquid single-electrode triboelectric nanogenerator based on graphene oxide dispersion for wearable electronics(WU Yinghong et al).pdf
Pag.083. Machine Learning on Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 for Preventing Atmospheric Pollution and Producing Valuable Chemicals(Erdem Gunay et al).pdf
Pag.084. Magnetic zerovalent iron nanoparticles for adsorbable organic halides(T Gameiro et al).pdf
Pag.085. Miscanthus cultivation and remediation potential on heavy metal contaminated soil in Poland(J Krzyzak eet al).pdf
Pag.086. Modeling of pollution diffusion into air in rectangular area (A Solofomboahangy et al).pdf
Pag.087. Nanosecond pulse for enhancing electrocoagulation wastewater treatment at a low specific power consumption H.Q.Nguyen et al.pdf
Pag.089. Optical analysis to implementation of Linear Fresnel Collector systems in heat generation for industrial process(F J Speulveda et al).pdf
Pag.090. Optimal Design and Integration of Solar Thermal Collection, Storage and Dispatch With Process Cogeneration Systems(Hisham Bamufleh et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.092. Optimization of Electric Vehicle charging strategies. The case of Spain in 2030 (Paula Bastida et al).pdf
Pag.097. Optimization of electrochemical process for anthracene removal from aqueous medium by Taguchi (G Kashi et al).pdf
Pag.103. Photocatalytic hydrogen production using TiO2-based materials and different sacrificial agents (Elisenda P M et al).pdf
Pag.106. Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soil by Plumbago Zeylanica L. (S Biswas et al).pdf
Pag.109. Porous graphene – a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water A Khalil et al.pdf
Pag.110. Potential hazardous elements release from coal reservior into undergroud water during the CO2 geosequestration(C Liu et al).pdf
Pag.111. Preliminary assessment of the ions sorption by polymethyl methacrylate for the further use as the seawater test containers(A Kostenkova et al).pdf
Pag.112. Preparation of activated carbons and charcoals from waste shells of energy crops for the removal of FFA from their oils.(K.E. Rodríguez et al).pdf
Pag.113. Preparation of polymetallic and hidrotalcites catalysts. Synthesis of Methanol and DME by hydrogenation of CO2(D. J. Escalante et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.114. Quantum dots impregnated-mesoporous TiO2 nanospheres for environmental remediation(Harish Santhana et al).pdf
Pag.115. Removal of mixed VOCs by using catalytic corona discharge system (I Tantiprapa et al).pdf
Pag.116. Renovation Building For Energy Efficiency in A Hot Arid Zone(Ece Dinç et al).pdf
Pag.117. Shaped Porous Iron Oxide based Semiconductor Efficient Visible Light Photocatalyst for Organic Pollutant Degradation(M roy et al).pdf
Pag.118. Silhouette Analysis by Landscape Character Types in Riparian Zones A Case of Duzce Asar Stream S Kaya et al.pdf.pdf
Pag.119. Statistical Analysis of Solar Radiation and Climatic Data for Maiduguri, Minna and Port Harcourt, Nigeria(Hauwa Abdulkarim et al).pdf
Pag.126. The cooperation of MoS2 Al2O3 and NiMoS2 Al2O3 catalysts in the hydrotreating of straight-run gas oil and rapeseed oil mixture (Evgeniya Vlasova et al).pdf
Pag.127. The effect of a key parameters on the performance of the heat and mass transfer of MmNi4.6Al0.4(KERBOUA Ziari et al).pdf
Pag.128. The effect of cleaning agents on occupational health diseases for workers in the hospitality industry(Saavedra et al).pdf
Pag.129. The impact of the energy efficiency on the Iberian Electricity market(Juan Manuel Roldan et al).pdf
Pag.130. Thermal conductivity of two kinds of earthen building materials(Razika Ihaddadene et al).pdf
Pag.131. Thermal study and emission characteristics of rice husk using TG-MS(J I Arranz et al).pdf
Pag.132. Thiosemicarbazone-based probe for detection and discrimination of a group of toxic transition metal ions and its application in developing logic gate S.S.Panja et al.pdf
Pag.133. pH control in anaerobic bioreactors using fly-ash based geopolymers as buffer material (T Gameiro et al).pdf
Pag.134. Performance of manganese-based solid sorbents for H2S removal Particle size and promoter effects on sorbent capacity (M Mehdi et al).pdf
Pag.135. Porous graphene a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water(A. Khalil et al).pdf
Pag.136. Effect of architectural solutions for clean energy in healthcare buildings(F Kocygit et al).pdf
Pag.137. Preparation Of SNO2 Rgo Photoanode For Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (A. Martyla et al.).pdf
Pag.138. SNO2 Rgo Composites As Anode Materials For Lithium-Ion Batteries(M. Osinska et al).pdf
Pag.139. An approach to bio-based product-related land use change analysis(Janusz Golaszewski et al).pdf
Pag.140. Hydrothermal oxidation as a promising technology for the removal of sewage sludge C Ruiz et al.pdf
Pag.141. Identification of life cycle environmental and cost-effective energy retrofitting solutions for extisting offices M.Gangolells.pdf
Pag.142. Improved mid-temperature thermoelectric energy conversion efficiency of nanostructured FeSi2 doped BiSbTe composites(H. Santhana et al).pdf
Pag.143. Nitrogen recovery from agro-industrial and urban sludges by struvite precipitation in a strategy to overcome methane production inhibition by ammonium nitrogen(Renata Coura et al).pdf
Pag.144. A Study on Modular Power Compensation Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Sunlight Shaded Areas(K Park et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.146. A novel process for repeated biodiesel production from waste coffee grounds employing a paper-cartridge containing solid catalysts manufactured from waste scallop shells (S Yeom et al).pdf
Pag.149. AC current in EKR of copper mining waste A Rojo et al.pdf
Pag.150. Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by means Hybrid Material(Laura Rivera et al).pdf.pdf
Pag.152. Airborne asbestos fibers in an urban ambient air of Urmia City (after drying Lake Urmia), West Azerbaijan, Iran and health risk evaluation(V Golestanishishevan et al).pdf
Pag.153. An Improved Design and Optimisation Procedure for Simplified Wind Turbine Rotors targeting Small-Scale Applications in Sri Lanka(Mandula Sugathapala et al).pdf
Pag.154. Importance of breaking down electric consumption when designing photovoltaic plants (D. Carmona et al).pdf