Abstracts E-Book

Pag.000. WWEM22-Preface.pdf
Pag.001 Index.pdf
Pag.006 A preliminary testing of a corona discharge plasma on microbial treatment of tertiary stage of a municipal wastewater(M. Ghomi).pdf
Pag.007 A rotating membrane photobioreactor for primary settled wastewater reclamation (L. Vera).pdf
Pag.008 A Systematic Approach to Enable “Treading Lightly” on the (M. Phillips).pdf
Pag.009 An open-source tool for water, energy and waste management integrated assessment(M. Oliveira).pdf
Pag.010 Analysis of hydrodynamic cavitation efficiency in a wastewater treatment system (Pawel K.).pdf
Pag.011 Assessment of Biofiltration Process for Removal of Trace Organic Pollutants from Secondary Treated Refinery Wastewater (P. Sinha).pdf
Pag.012 Bioelectricity generation using petroleum refineries wastewater (S. Shebl).pdf
Pag.013 Chaotic Multi-Objective Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm coupled with CERI for Water Distribution Network Design(S. Sirsant).pdf
Pag.014 Biohydrogen production from food waste via lactate-driven dark (L. Regueira).pdf
Pag.015 Closing the loop through water and heat valorisation in industrial processes (M. Iten).pdf
Pag.016 Compatibility study of chitosanalginatepectine-anthocyanin films as(G. Ramirez).pdf
Pag.018 Directional outlyingness for the detection of functional outliers X.Rigueira.pdf
Pag.019 Dual adsorption-photocatalytic effect for removal of Cr(VI) using (A.Mantilla).pdf
Pag.020 Dynamic Bayesian Network approach for prediction and knowledge (M. Pazo).pdf
Pag.021 Edible insects as environmentally friendly food production model (O. Agnieszka).pdf
Pag.022 Effect of acetate feeding method on the effectiveness of bio-treatment of drainage from soilless tomato cultivation by a biofilm (A. Mielcarek).pdf
Pag.023 Effect of continuous or periodical supply of a electrobiological reactor with electrical current (K. Bryszewski).pdf
Pag.024 Effective sample preparation and improved RT-PCR for highly sensitive detection of SARS (M. Ruskova).pdf
Pag.025 Efficient removal of ciprofloxacin by adsorption using carbon xerogels (S. Álvarez).pdf
Pag.026 Electrocoagulation with aluminum anode for synthetic produced wastewater treatment effect of the operating parameters on the removal of oil and grease, and turbidity (A. Cubillos).pdf
Pag.027 Emerging Contaminants Removal in Natural Waters and Wastewaters by BDD Electrochemical Oxidation (J. Dominguez).pdf
Pag.028 Energy analysis of apple peel drying in a solar assisted heat pump dryer(N. Colak).pdf
Pag.029 Etheramine acetate adsorption by natural fibers of Luffa cylindrica(S. Denise).pdf
Pag.030 Ethylenediamine assisted solvothermal synthesis of ZnSZnO photocatalytic heterojunction for high efficiency hydrogen production (A. Mantilla).pdf
Pag.031 Evaluating an application for forecasting near real time water requirements of apple orchards in the Western Cape (N. Mobe).pdf
Pag.032 Evaluation and Managment of Irrigation Groundwater Characterized with Elevated Radon Levels in Qatar (Y. Manawi).pdf
Pag.033 Fast removal of neonicotinoid pesticides from aqueous solution by adsorption using a sewage sludge-based activated carbon (S. Álvarez).pdf
Pag.034 Food waste conversion in edible insect rearing systems (O. Agnieszka).pdf
Pag.035 Graphene-BiVO4 based photocatalysts for the degradation of cytostatic drugs in water (L. Pastrana).pdf
Pag.036 Green farming technology of the future (Y. Gusev).pdf
Pag.037 Heterotrophic microalgae cultivation through the food processing industry wastewater treatment (L. Garrote).pdf
Pag.038 Heterotrophic microalgae-based biofertiliser from agro-food industry wastewater obtained by spray drying (L. Garrote).pdf
Pag.039 Improvement of thermally activated biochar with eggshell for phosphate recovery and its effectiveness as fertilizer after phosphorus adsorption (P. Sarker).pdf
Pag.040 Improving the anaerobic digestion of food waste through pretreatments (C. Morales).pdf
Pag.041 Influence of culture parameters on hydrogen production from fruit (L. J. Martínez-Mendoza).pdf
Pag.042 IoT Instrumentation For Measurement and Modelling Of Wetting Front Propagation Dynamics Using Soil Electrical Impedance Data (J. Antonio Gutierrez).pdf
Pag.043 Iron-copper oxide nanoparticles for the degradation of cyclophosphamide by photo-Fenton reaction (L. Pastrana).pdf
Pag.044 LCA evaluation of electrocoagulation fluoride removal – the role (S.Rocha).pdf
Pag.045 Limitations in the design of an industrial wastes power plant analysis of the instalation considering the turbine inlet steam pressure(F. Gomez).pdf
Pag.046 Lithium recovery from oilfield brines – challenges related to specific constituents in produced water (E. Knapik).pdf
Pag.047 Low- and mid-temperature pyrolysis of the anaerobic digestion solid by-product for pyro-oil and biochar generation (P. Basinas).pdf
Pag.048 Magnetic Fenton and PhotoFenton in Wastewater Treatment Aiming Real Applications(A. Garcia).pdf
Pag.049 Magnetic Flocculation as an Effective Process for Water Treatment (Paulo A. Augusto).pdf
Pag.050 Membrane photobioreactor as advanced treatment of anaerobic effluents (L. Vera).pdf
Pag.051 Microplastics in salt production from Iberian Salt Mines (M. Cledera).pdf
Pag.052 Microplastics presence at WWTP effluent (J. Lioumbas).pdf
Pag.053 MnFe2O4 Turkestan composite as a novel magnetic material for adsorption of heavy metals (H. Gomes).pdf
Pag.054 Modeling Potential Suitable Sites for Rainwater Harvesting using GIS and Remote Sensing in Rwanda - A Case of Nyabugogo Catchment Area. (A. Umugwaneza).pdf
Pag.055 Municipal Wastewater Concentration Device Design and Optimization for the COVID-19 Sampling and Primary Concentration (R. Ozols).pdf
Pag.056 Neonicotinoids Decontamination in Water from the Badajoz WWTP by BDD Electrochemical Oxidation (J. Dominguez).pdf
Pag.057 Optimisation of olive mill wastewater sludge biodegradation (OMWS) by microbial inoculation methodology (Y.BOUHIA).pdf
Pag.058 Optimization of electro-Fenton process applied to the treatment of brines in a context of industrial symbiosis (L. Sarinho).pdf
Pag.059 Performance of the Heterogeneous Copper Catalysts During Wet (I.Khatri).pdf
Pag.060 Phosphorous recovery from solid effluent after wet oxidation of sewage (J.Cañas).pdf
Pag.061 Phosphorous recovery from solid effluent after wet oxidation of sewage sludge. (J. Garcia).pdf
Pag.062 Photo-activated catalytic peroxidation for the enhanced removal of pharmaceuticals from water matrices (A.Pinto).pdf
Pag.063 Production of Boron-Doped PET POY Yarns Containing Boron Nanoclay Waste (D. Ezgi).pdf
Pag.064 Production of sewage sludge biochar through the activation with NaOH and CO2 in a single step (U. Iriarte).pdf
Pag.065 Properties and performance of novel thin-film composite polyamide membranes embedded with acacia gum (S. Al Marri).pdf
Pag.066 Qatar Groundwater Characteristics, an Observatory Approach (Jaber AL-Marri).pdf
Pag.067 Recycling technology-critical elements from lamp waste by green processes (B.Henriques).pdf
Pag.068 Relationship between precipitation and wine tritium concentrations, Tokaj, Hungary (L. Elemer).pdf
Pag.069 Removal of azole pesticides by advanced oxidation processes (J. Dominguez).pdf
Pag.070 Removal of endocrine disruptors from wastewater and production of biogas using Chlorella vulgaris (N. Garcia).pdf
Pag.071 Salinization of Shallow Groundwater Saudi Arabia (M. Benaafi).pdf
Pag.072 Silica xerogels doped with iron(III) as photocatalyst for pharmaceuticals degradation in water(M. Polo).pdf
Pag.073 Sorption of uranium isotopes onto various zeolites as the fly-ashes derivatives (M_Sobczyk).pdf
Pag.074 Study of the photocatalytic degradation of ethylparaben using rGO-TiO2 composite under UV irradiation (M. Lopez Ramon).pdf
Pag.075 Sulfamethoxazole degradation and kinetic study by catalytic wet air (J. Garcia).pdf
Pag.076 Sustainable management of sewage sludge generated in the petroleum industry (A. Cubillos).pdf
Pag.077 Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based membranes and their (H. Laribi).pdf
Pag.078 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by microorganisms through Ag(I) biosorption in wastewater (E.Castro).pdf
Pag.079 Technology for optimal thermal treatment of automotive waste (V. Blahuskova).pdf
Pag.080 The use of functionalized silica materials from fly ash to remove inorganic and organic contaminants from waters(T. Bajda).pdf
Pag.081 The use of TG-MS data for tayloring cristallinity and porosity of animal bones derived biochar (U. Iriarte).pdf
Pag.082 The use of waste glycerin as an external carbon source fed to a bioelectrochemical reactor during treatment of wastewater from soilless tomato cultivation (K. Bryszewski).pdf
Pag.083 Treatment of salt from hides curing stage by electrocoagulation (M. Nunes).pdf
Pag.084 Two-dimensional kinematic waves over small watersheds of non-convex topography in Northern Iraq (K. Unami).pdf
Pag.085 Use & Reuse Z.L.D. (Zero Liquid Discharge) wastewater treatment (C.I.E).pdf
Pag.086 Valorisation of wastes derived from olive oil production under a biorefinery scheme (E.Castro).pdf
Pag.087 Water quality monitoring through bioindicators the use of fish as ecological indicator of environmental pollution(C. Azorit).pdf
Pag.088 Water use efficiency of indigenous fruit trees in South Africa (Z. Ntshidi).pdf
Pag.089 ZnAlSn(OH) composite photocatalyst for emerging contaminants degradation in water (A. Mantilla).pdf
Pag.090 Report on a project to improve the efficiency of freeze-drying of fish products (Guntis S. et al).pdf
Pag.091 Electrochemical sensors based on Carbon for the detection of micropollutants (Oumayma L.).pdf
Pag.092 Modelling the methane production from corn silage pretreated with White Rot Fungi (K. Chamradova).pdf
Pag.093 Monitoring water quality based on a multisensors expert system for drinking water distribution system [Ina Nasto].pdf
Pag.094 High efficiency hydroxyapatite photocatalyst for chromium photoreduction (Y. Jimenez).pdf
Pag.095 Compensating wastewater composition effects with reactor operation (S.Feijoo).pdf
Pag.096 Convective drying of mango stone pieces (F. Gomez).pdf
Pag.097 Copper ferrite nanospheres for electrochemical oxidation of cyanide (M. Lopez Ramon).pdf
Pag.098 Detecting the presence of Cyanobacteria in water based on the Aptamer Binding to the Bacterial Cells and Development of an Electrochemical Biosensor (E. Askarzadmohassel).pdf
Pag.099 Development of microfluidic system for screening of proteolytic bacteria relevant in biogas production (L. Potenza).pdf
Pag.100 Ruin model and risk of freshwater shortage (A.Touazi).pdf
Pag.101 Nitrate removal from soilless tomato cultivation wastewater by solid-phase denitrification process (J. Rodziewicz et al).pdf
Pag.102 The influence of the organic carbon dose on nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a rotating electro-biological disc contactor (REBDC) treating wastewater from soilless tomato cultivation (W. Janczukowicz).pdf