Abstracts E-Book

Pag.000. MNS-Preface.pdf
Pag.001 Index mns.pdf
Pag.005 Aluminate and borate ceramics for thermal neutron detection (V. Jakes).pdf
Pag.006 Antimicrobial effect on photoreactive nanocomposite thin films (Agota Deak).pdf
Pag.007 Bio based Nanopesticides- A green approach towards sustainable agriculture (A. Noshad).pdf
Pag.008 Bio waste fillers as reinforcing agents for eco-friendly polymer (I. Bavasso).pdf
Pag.009 Biodegradable maxillofacial fixation systems design, realization via (C. Ceccarelli).pdf
Pag.010 Biopolymers combined with waste products (E. Lunetta).pdf
Pag.011 Carbon nitride-based photocatalytic materials (E. Pulido-Melian).pdf
Pag.012 Comparison of the effects of laser removal of coatings with different lasers devices(S. Tofil).pdf
Pag.013 Design and realization of optimal 3D printed (Valerio Papa).pdf
Pag.014 Design and sythesis of bio – inspired antibacterial polymer coatings for medical applications(N. Philipova).pdf
Pag.015 Design of integrated flexible plasmonic device for real-time Metal (I. T.Muresan).pdf
Pag.016 Designing the nature-inspired universal ligands for surface modification of MXenes S. Park.pdf
Pag.018 Development of polysaccharide systems (M. Messina).pdf
Pag.019 Dexamethasone loaded PCL and PLA microspheres (D'Andrea).pdf
Pag.020 DNA Detection on a 3D-printed Nanocarbon Electrode (Jyoti).pdf
Pag.021 Drug loaded chitosan-based nano microspheres for the treatment of lung infections (A. Cadinoiu).pdf
Pag.022 Electrochemical behavior study of anticorrosion coating based on a conductive polyaniline lignine polymer (B. Naima).pdf
Pag.023 Factors affecting the internal stresses of carbon-containing refractories (S. Tolendiuly).pdf
Pag.024 Functionalised 3D printed scaffolds (Ilaria Cacciotti).pdf
Pag.025 Grafted Copolymers Based on Gellan and N-vinylimidazole for Immobilization and Release of Triazole Derivatives(A. Cadinoiu).pdf
Pag.026 Green multifunctional multi-core shell magnetic nanocarriers for (Adriano Silva).pdf
Pag.027 Heterogenous silica-supported catalysts for the depolymerisation of PET post-consumer waste (R. Breen).pdf
Pag.028 High harmonic generation on graphene quantum dots with collective (A. Ghazaryan).pdf
Pag.029 High performance Protecting Optical Sensor of MgOPVA Freestanding (Dr Haitham).pdf
Pag.030 High-Strength Ti3C2Tx MXene Film with X-linkable Ligand (S. Kim).pdf
Pag.031 Highly Soluble Hole Transporting Materials based on Asymmetric J. Kim.pdf
Pag.032 Hollow @MgAl-MO spheres obtained in bottom-up approach as a highly active catalysts in aldol condensation reaction(T. Kondratowicz).pdf
Pag.033 Hybrid cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membranes with zwitterionic (S. Erkoc).pdf
Pag.034 Improvement of Piezoelectric response in KNN-based Ceramics. A point of view of intrinsic and extrinsic contributions (Johana Gallardo).pdf
Pag.035 In search for new ceramic scintilators based on the oxides of heavy elements (R.Katerina).pdf
Pag.036 Influence of chemical treatment of P. setaceum fibres in injected composites (P. Cabrera).pdf
Pag.037 Influence of Silica Nanoparticles on the Polyurethane Based Direct to (S.Gangopadhyay).pdf
Pag.038 Influence of the phases with low or negative linear thermal expansion coefficients on the porous mullite ceramics (L. Mahnicka).pdf
Pag.039 Laser Induced High-Order Wave Mixing and Multiparticle Interaction (K. Sedrakian).pdf
Pag.040 Layered silicates – versatile multipurpose materials (W. Stawinski).pdf
Pag.041 Ligand-functionalized organic MXene inks showing high electrical (H. Kang).pdf
Pag.042 Machine learning as an efficient tool to define molecular weight (MW) of fibrillar biomaterials by means of dynamic rheometry (K. Carrero).pdf
Pag.043 Magnetoplasmonic nanoparticles for biomedical application(V. Hornok).pdf
Pag.044 Manufacturing technology of refractory from ferrochrome waste (S. Fomenko).pdf
Pag.045 Materials properties after mechanically assisted laser forming hybrid method in metal expansion joints manufacturing process (P.Kurp).pdf
Pag.046 Methanol Decomposition Reactions over Boron-Doped Graphene Supported Ru-Pt Catalyst (J.Damte).pdf
Pag.047 Method of forming metal expansion joint element using laser assisted ramping heating and mechanical force(P.Kurp).pdf
Pag.048 Modal analysis of Pre-Tensile-Loaded Composite Plate(S. Alsarayefi).pdf
Pag.049 Molecular Design for Highly Efficient and Pure Deep Blue Color Dopant (H. Yang).pdf
Pag.050 Natural Dyes Based High-Performance All-Photonic Devices (A. Haitham).pdf
Pag.051 Natural Dyes Extracted from Hibiscus Sabdariffa for All-Photonic Dr Haitham.pdf
Pag.052 New polymeric microcapsules based on chitosan and poly(vinyl alcohol) with potential applications in pulmonary infections (D.Rata).pdf
Pag.053 New type nanofibrous cerium radical scavenger to enhance the durability of perfluorosulfonic acid membrane for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) application (Junghwan Kim).pdf
Pag.054 Opportunity on the rheology of concrete based on limestone and siliceous SCM admixture (I. BELLA).pdf
Pag.055 Optimization of a Protocol for the Synthesis of Cellulose (M. Clemente).pdf
Pag.056 Pd ZnO bilayers obtained by PLD with improved morphology for Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors (C. Viespe).pdf
Pag.057 Plant extract influence on bioglass properties – in vitro studies (P. Kapusniak).pdf
Pag.058 Polymeric Membranes for Enhanced Detection in Wearable Technologies(R. Delgado).pdf
Pag.059 Polyoxometalates@Carbon-Based Composites as Efficient Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (H.Novais).pdf
Pag.060 Polyurethane Nanocomposites with Magnetic Properties(D.Rata).pdf
Pag.061 Preliminary study of the effect of ZnO-NPs on the respiratory nasal epithelium of the Mus musculus biomodel(L. Sanchez).pdf
Pag.062 Preparation and Characterization of a Nickel-based Catalyst Supported by Silica Promoted by Cerium for the Methane Steam Reforming Reaction (A. ZAZI).pdf
Pag.063 Preparation and structural characterization of glasses in the (M. Milanova).pdf
Pag.064 Preparation of Organic Dispersible MXene Through (B. Kang).pdf
Pag.065 Promising Novel Barium Carbonate One-Dimensional Nanostructures and their Sensing Application Preparation and characterization (N.M.Shaalan).pdf
Pag.066 Protease decoration of the nanoemulsions A tentative approach to enhance the oral bioavailability (Arshad Mahmood).pdf
Pag.067 Raman study of the Fe ions doped bioglass surface layer before and after immersion in Simulated Body Fluid (P. Kapusniak).pdf
Pag.068 Reuse of Coffee Ground Extracts in the Food Packaging (M. Gallo).pdf
Pag.069 SAM functionalized ZnO nanowires for selective acetone detection disclosing the sensing mechanism through surface characterization (C. Andrea).pdf
Pag.071 Sprayable Ti3C2 MXene Hydrogel for Wound Healing and Skin Cancer Therapy (H. Park).pdf
Pag.072 Surface and mechanical properties of photoactive mussels inspired antibacterial polymer coatings (R. Bryaskova).pdf
Pag.073 Surface functionalization of MXenes with natural organic ligands (H. Lee).pdf
Pag.074 Surface functionalized N-TiO2C nanocomposites derived from MOF(Yongde Xia).pdf
Pag.075 Surface Modification of Mxene with Organic Ligands for High-Performing Lithium Ion Batteries (E. Park).pdf
Pag.076 Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanotubes using polyolefins as carbon (Adriano Silva).pdf
Pag.077 Synthesis of MXene using an organic etching method for the improved oxidation stability and dispersibility in organic solvents (J. Kim).pdf
Pag.078 Synthesis of PdAu Nanosheets for Visible Light Driven Catalysis (Eadaoin Casey).pdf
Pag.079 Synthesis of ZnO-NPs obtained through a green route (P. Arciniegas).pdf
Pag.080 The application of multi-walled carbon nanotubes as sorbents in passive samplers for monitoring micropollutants of the aquatic environment (K. Godlewska).pdf
Pag.081 Time-resolved photoconductivity of graphene-based gas sensors(C. Andrea).pdf
Pag.082 ZnO- NPs obtained by green route Effect on the nasal ciliary ultrastructure of the Mus musculus biomodel (M. Ramirez).pdf
Pag.083 A Biphasic 3D Osteo-vascular on a Chip for Recapitulating the Bone Marrow Environment (HwanDKim).pdf
Pag.084 A direct growth of 2D materials heterostructures based on pulsed laser (D.Miakota).pdf
Pag.085 Alky ester or carboxylic acid functional cyclopolymer derived (S. Erkoc).pdf
Pag.086 All-optical Limiters Based on Natural Dyes Extracted from Tea (A. Maha).pdf