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Pag.000. GEET-Preface.pdf
Pag.001 Index geet.pdf
Pag.005 Active roof covering with integrated solar and heat transfer layer (P. Bibora).pdf
Pag.006 An enzymatic membrane reactor for oligodextran production effects of enzyme (M. Pinelo).pdf
Pag.007 Anaerobic digestion of Chlorella sp. wastes from energy use processes (D. AYALA).pdf
Pag.008 Assessment of the impact of coal-fired power plants in Serbia on air quality during Covid-19 lockdown and unlocking (S. Petkovic).pdf
Pag.009 Automated Field infiltrometer For Wireless Measurement of Saturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity (J. Gutierrez).pdf
Pag.010 Autonomous and Decentralised Energy Markets in DC Microgrids (N. Naraindath).pdf
Pag.011 Biodiesel production by heterogeneous catalysis Effect of the free fatty acid type and content in the feedstock (K.ELVIRA).pdf
Pag.012 Biodiesel production from off-grade oil by transesterification over differently granulated waste-based CaO catalysts (S.Pavlovic).pdf
Pag.013 Biogas Production of Pretreated Bioplastic Waste Using Sodium Hydroxide and Zinc Acetate(C. Chu).pdf
Pag.014 Biomass characterization and pyrolysis towards bio-oil production (G. Batista).pdf
Pag.015 Combined role of granular formulations of Kinneretia asachharophila (M.Khan).pdf
Pag.016 Comparison of wind energy technologies using TOPSIS to provide an (A. Buchmayr).pdf
Pag.017 Control of Virus Infection, thermal comfort and Energy demand in a School Classroom with natural ventilation (S. Nateghi).pdf
Pag.018 Decarbonization in the Industrial Sector the Use of Piezoelectricity (B. Ribeiro).pdf
Pag.019 Decarbonization of the gas sector in Poland & Europe (S. Nagy).pdf
Pag.020 Degradation of benzoic acid in water by UVC-sulfite system Process and mechanism (K. Song).pdf
Pag.021 Degradation of phenanthrene in soil washing eluent by photo-Fenton process using Fe(III)-citric acid complex(Y. Tao).pdf
Pag.022 Effect of temperature on the structure of ScYSZ thin films prepared (J. Rabo).pdf
Pag.023 Effective removal of emerging contaminants from real aqueous matrices by CWPO (Y. Aguilar).pdf
Pag.024 Photodegradation of p-Arsanilic acid in (Z. Sun).pdf
Pag.025 Effects of light intensity on microalgal cultures stress for lipid and carbohydrate accumulation potential biofuels production (A. Esteves).pdf
Pag.026 Energy system optimization considering EVs as energy storage for the TR5 building of UPC-Terrassa(E. Pinto).pdf
Pag.027 Enhancing the electrical conductivity of PEDOTPSS with oxetane-based additives for applications in organic photovoltaics as transparent thin film electrodes (A. Charas).pdf
Pag.028 ETV as a tool to facilitate providers of innovative environmental technologies reach the market (A. Compte).pdf
Pag.029 Evaluation of hydrothermally synthesized green Co-carbon-smectite catalyst for oxidative degradation of dye in the presence of Oxone (S.Pavlovic).pdf
Pag.030 Feasibility Assessment of Biomethane Production from Deer Manure Using Biogas Slurry as Inoculum (J. Kriswantoro).pdf
Pag.031 GIS-Based Suitability Analysis of Waste-to-Energy from Sugarcane Bagasse, and Cow and Pig Manures for Electricity Generation in Jamaica (R.Delmaria).pdf
Pag.032 Heating of agricultural greenhouses by a geothermal heat exchanger (K. Dehina).pdf
Pag.033 Heavy Metal Ion Separation from Industrial Wastewater using Stacked Graphene Membranes (M. Natalia).pdf
Pag.034 How do country-specific R&D environments affect CCUS research performance and efficiency (J.Bae).pdf
Pag.035 Hybrid electrocoagulation-laccase process for the treatment of textile dye effluents (S. Kalia).pdf
Pag.036 Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide Study of different type of catalyst on the reaction conversion and selectivity (D. AYALA).pdf
Pag.037 In parallel recovery of high value solids and biocrude from hydrothermal liquefaction of wastewater grown algae(F. Naaz).pdf
Pag.038 Influence of variable compression ratio on emissions of a single (A. Hasan).pdf
Pag.039 Inhibitory response of basil Ocimum basilicum L seeds to cadmium and nickel applied in single and binary mixture treatments (Z. Laura).pdf
Pag.040 Insight into the use of seaweed ash as a soil stabilizing material for earthen construction (M. BOUASRIA).pdf
Pag.041 Life Cycle Assessment of innovative photovoltaic modules (G. Benveniste).pdf
Pag.042 Life cycle comparison of novel sequential microbial-based anaerobic-aerobic reactor technology (S. SAMUCHIWAL).pdf
Pag.043 Lignin degradation of lignocellulosic biomass by efficient fungal strains (A. Gupta).pdf
Pag.044 Long Lived Phosphors in the Oxidation of Aromatic Alcohols (Darian MacLean).pdf
Pag.045 Machine-learning identification of the variability of mean velocity and (G. Valerio).pdf
Pag.046 Materials science challenges of the maintenance of offshore wind energy(L. Mishnaevsky).pdf
Pag.047 Modeling and experimentation of a pottery (M. Bakkari).pdf
Pag.048 Molecular dynamics study on interfacial structures of a choline (E. Ferreira).pdf
Pag.049 Nano-FeSiO2 Catalysts Prepared by Facile Colloidal Deposition Enhanced Durability in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (L. yaqian).pdf
Pag.050 Optimization of soil washing process for remediation of phenanthrene-Cu co-contaminated soil by response surface methodology (Y. Tao).pdf
Pag.051 Oxidation of As(III) by visible light-methylene blue-ascorbic acid activated molecular oxygen in water (W. Wang).pdf
Pag.052 Oxidation of dexamethasone by photochemical processes in aqueous matrices A comparative study (L.Onga).pdf
Pag.053 Oxidative degradation of vancomycin by UV and pulsed corona discharge in combination with oxidants (D. Nikitin).pdf
Pag.054 Phytoremediation of Particulate Matter and Volatite Organic Compounds by Active Living Wall (C. Treesubsuntorn).pdf
Pag.055 Porous materials for development of a near-isothermal liquid piston (Y. Mahmoudi).pdf
Pag.056 Prediction of Air Quality with Bezier Search Differential Evolution (S. Faizi).pdf
Pag.057 Present And Future Trends In Phytoremediation Of Urban Particulate Matter Pollution By Roadside Vegetation (R. Popek).pdf
Pag.058 Recycled fresh pavement to mitigate urban heat island (B. HADDAD).pdf
Pag.059 Remediation of diesel contaminated humus-rich soil in the thermal plasma environment (D. Gimzauskaite).pdf
Pag.060 Remote sensing and Fire Vulnerability of Forest Ecosystems in the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve and Adaptation and Prevention Scenarios (I.HALA).pdf
Pag.061 Removal of ibuprofen and diclofenac from water matrices by continuous CWPO using a magnetic catalyst (Y. Huaccallo).pdf
Pag.062 Response surface methodology for the deacidification of oils by adsorption of free fatty acids on carbon obtained from Pongamia pinnata husks (K.ELVIRA).pdf
Pag.063 Role of Determining the Hydro-morphometric Characteristics of Watersheds in Flood Risk Prevention and Management (I.HALA).pdf
Pag.064 Seed germination and seedling growth of Lavandula 'Hidcote Blue' in heavy metal contaminated solutions (A. Maria).pdf
Pag.065 Spatial Mapping of Jamaica High-resolution Wind Atlas An Environmental-socio-economical (D. Richards).pdf
Pag.066 SWOT analysis of an LWS as a replacement for the outer cavity leaf (T.Rowe).pdf
Pag.067 Synthesis and Applications of Cu2O Nanoparticle Functionalized TiO2 (Tapley).pdf
Pag.068 Techno-economical assessment of ultrafiltrationnanofiltration concentration of tannins in cork wastewater for use in the leather industry (M. Minhalma).pdf
Pag.069 The Potential of Proline as a Key Metabilites to Design Real-Time Plant Water Deficit and Low Light Stress Detector in ornamental plants (P.Kittipornkul).pdf
Pag.070 Theorical and experimental investigation of geothermal energy in (R. Aliniaina).pdf
Pag.071 Theoritical study of strong energy induced using microfiber (R. Aliniaina).pdf
Pag.072 Valorisation of agro-industrial wastes through submerged fermentation using mushroom mycelium (M. Kapri).pdf
Pag.073 Valorization of Paddy straw with de-oiled neem cake for production of cellulase free xylanase enzyme and utilization of residual spent as a biofertilizer (S. Garima).pdf
Pag.074 Variant Analysis of Heat Receivers Dedicated to CPVT System (K. Papis).pdf
Pag.075 Visible Light Mediated Refinery Waste Degradation using Noble Metal (E. Megan).pdf
Pag.076 A novel heterogeneous system for sulfate radical generation through(J. Guo).pdf
Pag.077 A study on the flow distribution of 1kWe SOFC stack according to the channel heights in separators (Y. Kim).pdf
Pag.078 A wind-tunnel study of the effect of dust emission from ash-slag dumps of energy facilities with technological solutions (S. Petkovic).pdf
Pag.079 Activated carbon from malt bagasse for water remediation (E. Pulido).pdf