Abstracts E-Book

Pag.000. GreenCHEM22-Preface.pdf
Pag.001 Index green.pdf
Pag.005 Alcohol-based Ionic Liquid Analogues A Molecular Dynamics Study (E. Ferreira).pdf
Pag.006 An Overview of Engineered Nano Materials Regulation Management, Fate and Toxicity (Alvaro R.).pdf
Pag.007 Aqueous-phase reforming of aqueous fraction of bio-oil derived from biomass pyrolysis (Francisco Heras).pdf
Pag.008 Aqueous-phase reforming of model compounds of pyrolysis bio-oils water-soluble fraction (Jessica Justicia).pdf
Pag.009 Artificial neural networks and response surface methodological approach for modelling of Cd(II) biosorption by different microbial biomasses (M. Rosca).pdf
Pag.010 Augmenting the performance of eco-friendly greases using synergistic natural resources (Ankit Saxena).pdf
Pag.011 Biocatalytic Processes of Immobilized Hydrolases in Aqueous Choline Chloride-Based DESs Solutions (H. Stamatis).pdf
Pag.012 Biofuels production by the synergistic co-valorisation of almond hulls and disposable face masks in seawater (J. Remon).pdf
Pag.013 Comparative enviromental impacts generated by the removal of Cd(II) from wastewaters by two types of microorganisms (I. Simion).pdf
Pag.014 Comparative LCA analysis of Cr(VI) biosorption from wastewaters (I. Simion).pdf
Pag.015 Comparison of non covalent interactions in ionic liquids mixtures and deep eutectic solvents molecular dynamics study (Iuliia V.).pdf
Pag.016 Continuous multicomponent extraction of antibiotics from hospital wastewater using terpenoids as natural green solvents (Marcos Larriba).pdf
Pag.017 Cork as a synergistic additive in flame retardant systems Farnaz Ghonjizadeh-Samani.pdf
Pag.018 Degradation of organic contaminants in winery wastewater by coagulation-microfiltration-photo-Fenton process (Nuno Jorge).pdf
Pag.019 Degradation of organic matter from winery wastewater by a biologic-photo-Fenton system (Nuno Jorge).pdf
Pag.020 Dependence viscosity of temperature and shear rate for vegetable oil used as biodegradable lubricant (Ioana Stanciu).pdf
Pag.021 Development of high quality lignin-based carbon fibres (Anne B.).pdf
Pag.022 Eco-friendly process for selective tantalum recovery using ionic liquids (G. Arrachart).pdf
Pag.023 Effect of different washing conditions on the removal efficiency of selected compounds in biobased materials (Kruta K).pdf
Pag.024 Environmental impacts of Cd(II) removal from wastewaters by applying Arthrobacter viscosus – A life cycle assessment perspective (C. Filote).pdf
Pag.025 Enzymatic biodiesel production from microalgae (Joana Oliveira).pdf
Pag.026 Enzymatic modification of phenolic rich extracts from green marine macroalgae Ulva sp. for the enhancment of its biological activity (Angeliki P.).pdf
Pag.027 Enzymatic synthesis of molecular rearrangement glucan using amylosucrase from Deinococcus geothermalis and its physicochemical properties. (Ye-Jin Kim).pdf
Pag.028 Evaluation and Characterization of High-Value Bioproducts Isolated from an Industrially Produced Microalgae (P. Barata).pdf
Pag.029 Green Production of Lithium Sulfide for Solid State Batteries (Colin Wolden).pdf
Pag.030 Green-PADs@RGB detector for pH measurements (Bianca pazzi et DarioPistoia).pdf
Pag.031 Greening the synthetic process by transfer of 1,2-debromination of tricyclic imides from solution to mechanochemistry (Margetic).pdf
Pag.032 Heavy metals toxic effects on seeds germination, morphological traits, and early growth of three species of medicinal plants (Zaleschi Laura).pdf
Pag.033 High efficiency violet phosphorus black phosphorus allotropes composite visible light driven photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution (R.H.Jeong).pdf
Pag.034 Highly efficient and regenerable ion exchange resin supported cobalt nanoparticle catalysts for hydrogen production via sodium borohydride hydrolysis (Clercq Jeriffa).pdf
Pag.035 Honey authentication using the emission-excitation matrices (Ropciuc Sorina).pdf
Pag.036 Immobilization of formate and glycerol dehydrogenase enzymes on mesoporous silica (Sara Garcia).pdf
Pag.037 Improved Electrochemical Performance of Zinc Anodes by EDTA in Near-Neutral Zinc(S. Montiel).pdf
Pag.038 Influence of Selected Contaminants on the Rheological Behavior of Filtered Polypropylene Recyclates (I. Traxler).pdf
Pag.039 Inhibitory effects of two heavy metals on Lavandula angustifolia L. germination and seedling growth (S. Isabela).pdf
Pag.040 Investigation of the palladium-catalyzed aminocarbonylation reactions in green solvents (Nuray Uzunlu).pdf
Pag.041 Kinetic, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies of Cadmium (II) biosorption by microbial biomass from synthetic wastewater (M. Rosca).pdf
Pag.042 Life Cycle Assesment Of A Textile Dyeing Activity (Ghazi M).pdf
Pag.043 Magnetic Methods and Particles as Real Green and Sustainable Alternatives (Paulo A Augusto).pdf
Pag.044 Microalgal cultures for the bioremediation of effluents with different nitrogen to phosphorus ratios (Eva Salgado).pdf
Pag.045 MMF value-added commodity production by heterogeneous catalytic etherification of biomass building block (Jesus Requies).pdf
Pag.046 MOFs and Cellulose Acetate MOFs Membraes for Efficient Removal of Organic Pollutants from Wastewater (Ana S.).pdf
Pag.047 New approach for production of energy sources from degradation of paraffin wax through ultrasonic supported photocatalysis (Magdy Tadrous Zaky).pdf
Pag.048 Olive mill wastewater treatment by coagulation-flocculation-decantation and adsorption processes (Ana Teixeira).pdf
Pag.049 One-pot Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Bioactive Carbon Dots(P. Barata).pdf
Pag.050 Optimization of the visible – light driven system aimed to hydrogen generation in presence of Cu2OTiO2 composite photocatalyst (Marica Muscetta).pdf
Pag.051 Phenanthrene removal from a spent sediment washing solution in a continuous–flow stirred tank reactor (Marco Race).pdf
Pag.052 Phthalates diesters occurrence in microplastics from marine feed and food (S.Stefania).pdf
Pag.053 Pollutants content in assorted recycled polyethylene samples (Juan A Conesa).pdf
Pag.054 Prepared of molecular rearrangement glucan using pullulanase (EunJeong Kim).pdf
Pag.055 Production and Evaluation of Extracellular Polymeric Substances from Chlorococcum amblystomatis (Magda Semedo).pdf
Pag.056 Production and Extraction Strategies for High-Value Bioactive Compounds from Porphyridium cruentum (Magda Semedo).pdf
Pag.057 Production and Isolation of Extracellular Bioactive Compounds from the Red Microalgae Porphyridium cruentum (Ana S.).pdf
Pag.058 Pt-based bimetallic catalysts for aqueous-phase reforming of water-soluble fraction of biomass pyrolysis bio-oil (Francisco Heras).pdf
Pag.059 Quality Assessment of Coffee from Gorongosa (Sonia Martins).pdf
Pag.060 Recycled plastic waste incorporation in used oil for engine operation (Juan A Conesa).pdf
Pag.061 Regulation of cell growth and ascorbate-glutathione cycle by binary combinations of atrazine-isoproturon in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (R. Ferreira).pdf
Pag.062 Removal of phenolic compounds from winery and olive mill wastewater by NTA-photo-Fenton process (Jose Peres).pdf
Pag.063 Single and binary mixture of lead, cadmium and nickel phytotoxic effects caused to oregano (R. Hlihor).pdf
Pag.064 SrTiO3 Perovskites as photocatalyst for the synthesis of imines (Joana Lopes).pdf
Pag.065 Sustainable recovery of phenolic antioxidants from real olive vegetable water with natural hydrophobic eutectic solvents and terpenoids M.Larriba.pdf
Pag.066 Sustainable synthesis of carbohydrate-based surfactants in reactive natural deep eutectic solvents (Francisc Peter).pdf
Pag.067 Synthesis of biobased oligomeric esteramides and esters by sustainable green patways (Francisc Peter).pdf
Pag.068 Thermodynamic characterization of soils (Nieves Barros).pdf
Pag.069 Toxic Metals Detection by Green Fluorescent Carbon Dots (A.Costa).pdf
Pag.070 Toxicity of Cd and Ni on seed germination and seedling growth of aromatic plants (Apostol Maria).pdf
Pag.071 Marlite as supplementary cementitious material reactivity, applications and environmental aspects (M. Bohac).pdf
Pag.072 A comparative assessment of Cd(II) and Cr(VI) bioaccumulation by microbial biomass of Trichoderma viride C. Filote.pdf
Pag.073 A Novel Route for the Green and Easy Production of Thermochromic VO2 Nanoparticles and Thin Films for Smart Windows (Francisco M. Morales).pdf
Pag.074 Additives for Improved Hydrothermal Carbon from Olive Mill Wastewater (Ruben Correcher).pdf