Extended Abstracts E-Book

jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.081. Microstructure and mechanical properties of recycled AA6111 alloy processed by melt conditioned direct chill (MC-DC) casting(D Luo et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.004. Study of Current Conduction Mechanism of Tb And Mn Codoped Bismuth Ferrite Grafted Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Nanocomposite Film (M Halder et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.001. INDEX MNS 2019.pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.002. Preface MNS 2019.pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.020. Elaboration of a lightweight concrete with high energetic performances LC HEP Study of the impregnation rate together with the mechanical properties(D. M hand et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.014. Effect of polythiophene thickness on hybrid sensor sensitivity(S BELHOUSSE et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.075. Hydrodynamic wind induce model influencing inner Murchison Bay flow circulation S Paul et al.pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.069. Rational design of ceria-based nanocatalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to value-added productsI(M Konsolakis et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.039. Faraday Rotation Angle in Right and Left Handed Materials(Esther Jodar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.045. Nanoparticles in enhancing microwave imaging and microwave hyperthermia effect for liver cancer treatment(Walaa Magdy et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.051. Nanoporous anodic alumina light scattering intensity along the pores as a function of incidence angles (S Yakovtseva et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.054. Optical Characterization Of (ZnS) Thin Films By Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD) Techniques(M.A Bilya et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019extended/Pag.032. Influence Of Zn Solution Concentration On The Growth Of Zn-Sn-O Nanostructure Thin Films(S Iaiche et al).pdf