Abstracts E-Book

jose/pmc2019/Pag.052. Measurements and identification of magnetomechanical properties in shear mode of smart elastomer composite materials(S.Aguib et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.015. Confinement-Induced Ordering and Self-Folding of Cellulose Nanofibrils(Kathleen Smith et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.055. Microstructure and mechanical properties of recycled AA6111 alloys processed by direct chill casting with melt conditioning(I Chang et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.079. Soda Lime Glass Strengthening By A Flame Assisted Spray Pyrolisis Chemical Tempering Process.(Obed Morales et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.010. Characterization of silane-base self-assembled monolayer on the anodic oxidation of tantalum films for copper metallization(Sung-Te Chen).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.074. Pulsed UV-Laser Ablation of the Chalcogenide Glasses(Petr Knotek et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.014. Conductivity of PMMA composite casting films filled with ultra-high aspect ratio of carbon fibers(H Xu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.045. Influence of the almond shell particle size on mechanical properties of (A Martinez et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.071. Pressure and Temperature Effects on Separation of Gd3+ from (Iman Rahayu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.081. Step Nanostructure Evolution at the Thin Film Gold Substrate Interface(L chen et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.105. Investigation of electrospun nickel manganite-carbon nanofibers (Di Blasi et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.059. Nanosystems for Strontium-90 Capture based on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles(P Duel et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.023. Different approaches to load SPION inside lumen of halloysite nanotubes(Hady Hamza et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.082. Structural, electronic, elastic and thermodynamical properties of BaSrLiH3(B Bahloul et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.094. The impact of silver nanoparticles on optical and structural properties of some samarium doped alkali-borate glasses and glass ceramics(Lidia Pop et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.022. Detection of 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine in saliva with screen-printed electrodes modified with graphene (Codruta Varodi et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.126. Antimicrobial polymer-clay composite films(Nichola Coleman et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.098. Title of the work that will be presented on the 2019 International Conference on Materials and Nanomaterials(W Hussein et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.078. Rhodamine Based Chemosensors for Metal Ions Effect of Substituents (Partha Roy).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.090. Synthesis of heteroatoms doped co-doped graphene by exfoliation of graphite rods via pulses of current (Florina Pogacean et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.036. Engineering Miniaturized Nanoplatforms via Plasmonic Calligraphy for Efficient Multimodal Biodetection(Monica FOCSAN et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.061. Performance of Cellulose Acetate Hydroxyapatite Composite Membrane for Chrome Removal from Waste Water(E E Ernawati et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.119. LIFE BAQUA mechanical test results obtained on prepared bio composite materials with different content of banana fibres(U Bozik et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.066. Preliminary Investigation of the Ability of a Baker’s Yeast for Biosynthesis of Metal Oxides Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Its Antibacterial Activity(Safri Ishmayana et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.063. Perylene diimide receptors supported on iron magnetic nanoparticles for the removal of PAHs in water (Alberto Leon et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.028. Effect of potassium polyacrylate on the morphology and particle size of a spray dryed metakaolin-based geopolymer(M ROMAN et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.049. Investigation of Light Harvesting in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Decorated with ZnO Nanoflowers(Fang-I Lai et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.128. Capturing dioxins in water with a highly efficient nanomaterial(Jeroni Morey et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.026. Effect of operating conditions on the surface properties of plasma treated polycaprolatone surfaces(Elhassan AMATERZ et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.107. Temperature effect on Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor on capacitance C(V) Structure Based On GaAs Si(Guenifi_Rahi et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.031. Effects of hydrothermal reaction and annealing temperature on the quality of nitrogen-doped graphene(Maria Coros et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.075. Quality Amorphous IGZO Thin Film Deposited by AP-PECVD(C H Wu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.042. Improvement of fibre quality by enhancement the fibre extraction process(N Padilla et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.123. A computational study of plasticity induced damage during Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment(SMAT) in TWIP TRIP AISI 304 stainless steel(Z.chen et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.070. Prepration and characterization of Mo and Sn based Keggin –type polyoxometalates. Catalytic application in cyclohexanone oxidation (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.130. Reversible DNA Compaction Induced By Partial Intercalation(P. Perez et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.043. Influence of ZN solution concentration on the growth of Zn-Sn-O nanostructure thin films(IAICHE Sabrina et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.120. Nano-architectured photoanodes based on TiO2-nanorod modified by Co-ZIF67 for water splitting (Waleed El Rouby et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.037. Enzymatic degradation study of PLA-based composite scaffolds(Ricardo Donate et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.030. Effect of the pore diameter on the ion penetration into nanoporous alumina at electroless metal deposition(B Tzaneva et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.076. Rational design of ceria-based nanocatalysts for CO2 hydrogenation(KONSOLAKIS MICHALIS et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.093. The hybrid structure of ZnO nanorods and perovskite-polymer composites for the piezoelectric nanogenerators as smart sensors(H G KIM et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.097. The study on the UV shielding property of SiO2-TiO2 alternating stack multilayer film deposited by RF sputtering.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.088. Synergistic effect of defect and surface plasmon resonance in Au Ag3PO4 for enhanced photocatalytic activity (Uyi Sulaeman et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.012. Comparison between geometry-based and voxel-based modelling techniques for the prediction (G Vega et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.100. Uptake of aqueous Cd2+, Co2+ and MoO42- by recycled concrete fines(Michael Rivett et al).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.050. Investigation of P3HT Photodegradation for Solar Applications(Taha Kubbar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.053. Metallic ink based on nickel NPs with silver nanoshell for preparation of conductive materials(A P Swierzy et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.084. Study on mixed sodium manganese-copper sulfate dihydrates as precursors for electrode materials for sodium ion batteries(D Manasieva et al).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.039. Hard and black DLC coating for wear protective coatings and optical applications(Helge Lux et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.121. New materials and process technologies for affordable lightweight vehicles(M Bang).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.080. Some properties of concrete with plastic aggregate derived from shredded PVC sheets(ilham ibrahim et al).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.072. Probing shape-memory assisted scratch-healing properties of optically transparent crosslinked thiol-ene coatings for optoelectronic applications(Algirdas Lazauskas et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.056. Modified High Lignin Content Microfibrillated Cellulose Polylactic Acid Biocomposites (F.Yetis et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.095. The next generation of 3D printing multi-materials additive manufacturing(shoufeng yang).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.131. Aqueous Gold Nanoparticle Solutions for Improved Efficiency in Electrogenerated Chemiluminescent Reactions(P. Perez et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.086. Super Hydrophobic Behaviour of Aluminum Nitride Microstructure Produced by High Current Arc Evaporation(M Edling et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.001.INDEX MNS 2019.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.096. The study of graphite graphene-based conductive ink formulations (Yue Guo et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.017. Core-shell Graphene quantum dots on metal oxide extended hexapod heterostructures sensitive detection of bisphenol A in live cells(Ghazala Ashraf et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.127. Application of Microcapsules of Key Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Essential Oil to Cotton Textile for Mosquito Repellent(E. Jula et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.041. Highly fluorescent, color tunable and magnetic quaternary Ag-In-Mn-Zn-S quantum dots synthesis and characterizations(Galiyeva P et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.118. Investigations on Bentonite and Organo-modified Clays and Their Use in Polyamide Based Nano-composites(A Akar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.025. Efect of sintering temperature and Nano-Grain refinement on the aging resistance of dental zirconia(HOLLOWAY et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.065. Pre-treatment of dielectrics and technological process for deposition of chemical copper layers from ecological copper solution(M Georgieva et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.027. Effect of polythiophene thickness on hybrid sensor sensitivity(BELHOUSSE Samia et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.021. Demonstration of the industrial use of banana plant fibres in injection and blow moulding parts(Noelia Diazet al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.013. Complex Faraday and Kerr Rotations in Right and Left Handed Films and Layered Structures(Esther Jodar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.018. Critical elements-free magnetic materials FeNi films synthesis and characterization (G Baruca et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.102. ZnO Mg ZnAl2O4 heterostructures formation on silicon substrate for Ammoniac(IAICHE Sabrina et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.060. Novel electrospinning method for the production of chitosane-cellulose membranes for an efficient adsorption of copper ions in wastewater(Ilse Cardenas et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.117. Investigation of electrospun nickel manganite-carbon nanofibers as electrodes for vanadium redox flow battery (Di Blasi et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.069. Preparation of silica from rice husk and its application for fabrication of zinc oxide-silica composite with high photocatalytic activity for reduction of chromium in waste water(Diana R et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.068. Preparation and in vitro Evaluation of Nanosuspension Containing Cefpodoxime Proxetil By Nano-Spray Drying Method(Umay Merve).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.040. High Hardness and Better Pitting Corrosion Resistance of AISI 316L Stainless Steel by a Self-protective Paste Nitriding Process(G. Vargas et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.038. Green process of adipic acid synthesis from cyclohexanone and cyclohexene over Dawson-type polyoxometates (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.087. Sustainable Production of Polypropylene Carbonate using Captured CO2 Emissions and Renewable Feedstocks(T oliver et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.006. Preface MNS 2019.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.067. Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles containing cefaclor monohydrate by nano-spray drying method for extended release(Ozturk A A).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.103. PH dependent Ligand Sensitized Metal Centered Luminescence of Metal-Organic Materials in Aqueous Medium (Partha Mahata).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.008. Characterisation on Spontaneous Redox-state Transition of Phosphomolybdic Acid Molecule Functionalised on Carbon Nanotube (M Akai).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.020. Delayed Fluorescence by TTA Mechanisms in Columnar Liquid Crystal Molecules(Juliana Eccher et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.099. Universal Model for Performance Characterization of Porous Heterogeneous Materials(Muhammad Burhan et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.112. Conformal Amorphous Carbon-Coating on a High Surface Area 3D Ni Nanomesh Current Collector and Its Application in Li-O2 Battery(Y kee et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.116. In situ AFM depth-corrected TOF-SIMS study of a multilayer vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) sample(S Kalacska et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.092. The enhancement of piezoelectric performance in nanogenerators (H G KIM et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.125. Accelerating materials exploration with adaptive design(C Y Jui et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.044. Influence of cobalt ions on structural properties of new lithium-zirconate-tellurate glass-ceramics(Lidia Pop et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.104. Electrochemical deposition process of Barium phosphate, a promising anode for Rhodamine B degradation (Elhassan AMATERZ et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.083. Study of Current Conduction Mechanism of Tb And Mn Codoped Bismuth Ferrite Grafted Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Nanocomposite Film (M Halder et al).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.057. Molecular separation of CH4 C2H6 mixtures using porous boron nitride(A M Bubenchikov et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.089. Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Nanoparticles for Sustainable Catalytic Applications (G Collins et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.114. Effect of post-selenization on the performance of CZTSe thin film solar cells(Shou-Yi Kuo et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.032. Electrochemical Performances of NiO LSO-LSGM LCM and NiO LSO-LSGM NiO Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(A R NOVIYANTI et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.009. Characterization of donor and acceptor discotic liquid crystals to apply in organic devices (M Dotto et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.129. Cellulose Hydrogels Physically Crosslinked by Glycine Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal and Mechanical Properties(Sinem Palantöken et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.115. Improvement of Basic Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced TPU Based Bio-composites by Applying Surface Treatments on Fiber Surface(A. O. Akar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.062. Perovskites (La Ba)(Fe Ti)O3 AO7 Photocatalysis under Visible Light(Ana Rodrigues et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.011. Characterization of two Isomeric Dithia[7]helicenes in the Solid State and Adsorbed on Gold Surface(Bianca C. Baciu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.073. Processability and characterization of polymers additivated with natural flame retardants(Raquel Ortega et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.024. Evaluation Study On Modified Phenolic Resins In Protection Of Heat Sensetive Structures(M Gamil et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.051. MD Simulation of Polymer Brushes in Nanopores (Chenxu Wu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.077. Removing halogenated VOCs with hybrid magnetic nanoparticles(M N Piña et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.122. Optical Characterization Of (ZnS) Thin Film By Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition Technique(M. Bilya et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.035. Electrospun nanofibrous lignin material for the adsorption of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater(Alexandre Camire et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.091. Tailoring of sulfate-based polyanion electrode materials nickel versus cobalt(D Manasieva et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.054. Micron scale deformation measurements of metals in(Dankházi Z et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.106. Synthesis of highly crystalline carbon nanotubes by electric arc discharge and their field emission characteristics(Z Taehun et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.058. Nanoparticles in enhancing microwave imaging and microwave hyperthermia effect for liver cancer treatment(W Maamoun et al).pdf.pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.085. Studying the onset of galvanic corrosion in steel using(Debi Garai et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.111. Composite chitosan-bioactive glass membranes for direct pulp-capping(Victoria Elmes et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.101. Zeolite Synthesis From Geophagic Clays(I V Joseph et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.124. Ab initio study of the electronic and thermoelectric properties monolayer INSE, GASE and INGASE2(Hannan Elsayed et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.033. Electrochemical detection of 8-Hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine with modified electrodes (Stela Pruneanu et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.047. Investigation of Hot Deformation Parameters on Efficiency of Power Dissipation in an NCATB Shape Memory Alloy using Taguchi Method (S H Adrash et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.108. The effect of the copolymer latex as stabilizer on the rheology of Ag Ethylene glycol nanofluid(Z. Soukaina et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.110. TiO2 Au Layers Prepared by Laser Ablation for Visible-light Water Splitting(R.Fajgar et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.019. Crystalline phase fractions in zirconia ceramics for Dental Applications(I DENRY et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.034. Electroless deposition of copper or nickel-phosphor layers on ABS details obtained by 3D printing(M Petrova et al).pdf
jose/pmc2019/Pag.064. Pilot plant for the new use of a waste of banana crop to develop products of plastic composite and aquaculture(BAQUA Gisela et al).pdf