Extended Abstracts E-Book

jose/geet2019extended/Pag.077. Statistical Analysis of Solar Radiation and Climatic Data for Maiduguri, Minna and Port Harcourt, Nigeria(Hauwa Abdulkarim et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.001. INDEX GEET 2019.pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.061. Hydrodynamic wind induce model influencing inner Murchison Bay flow circulation S Paul et al.pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.055. Optimization of electrochemical process for anthracene removal from aqueous medium by Taguchi (G Kashi et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.016. Conventional pyrolysis of sawdust to obtain wood vinegar(J. Fernández-Ferreras et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.032.Evaluation of c-si PV modules performances in desert environment (KHERICI Zoubida et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.010. Combined electrodialysis and electrocoagulation as treatment for industrial wastewater containing arsenic and copper(Hansen et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.006. Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by means Hybrid Material(L rivera et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.071. Feasibility Investigation of Floating Solar PV Hydro Grid-tied Hybrid (M. Naing et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.083. The Development Of a Microgeneration System To Obtain Energy From Tidal Currents(Victor Manuel Ramirez et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.003. Preface GEET 2019.pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.094. Utilization of waste timber for construction industry using finger joint technique(Muthumala et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.067. D-FACTS Systems Inflected to Distributed Generation for Improving Power Quality(S Zegnoun).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.026. Elaboration of a lightweight concrete with high energetic performances (LC-HEP) Study of the impregnation rate together with the mechanical properties(M Dehmous et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.089. Thermal Diffusion NewMaterial Concept Specific For Thermal Environment(Tiana J et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.039. Experimental investigation the effect of Fe2O3 nanoparticle on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of Dimethyl Ether and gasoline(S Jafarmadar et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.050. Optimization of Electric Vehicle charging strategies. The case of Spain in 2030(P Bastida et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.044. Modeling of pollution diffusion into air in rectangular area(Andrimalala S et al).pdf
jose/geet2019extended/Pag.020. Effect of architectural solutions for clean energy in Healthcare Buildings(F Kocyigit et al).pdf