Abstracts E-Book

jose/geet2019/Pag.044. Energy-active roof system – design, development and testing.(P.Bibora et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.133. pH control in anaerobic bioreactors using fly-ash based geopolymers as buffer material (T Gameiro et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.034. Effects of amino functionalization on Zr-based MOFS for methane and carbon dioxide adsorption(Orawee Lamoonkit et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.143. Nitrogen recovery from agro-industrial and urban sludges by struvite precipitation in a strategy to overcome methane production inhibition by ammonium nitrogen(Renata Coura et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.059. Fungi and biodegradation of polyester polyurethane (S Khan et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.011. Analysis on Micro dust Removal Driven By Electrostatic Spray in Exhaust gas (H Song et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.033. Devulcanization of EPDM from Roofing Systems waste(Xavier Colom et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.014. Application of TiO2-embedded expanded polystyrene balls (J C Joo et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.106. Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soil by Plumbago Zeylanica L. (S Biswas et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.114. Quantum dots impregnated-mesoporous TiO2 nanospheres for environmental remediation(Harish Santhana et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.097. Optimization of electrochemical process for anthracene removal from aqueous medium by Taguchi (G Kashi et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.031. Cu2+ and Zn2+ concentrations in the seawater of Marbella Bay(Goryachkin et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.037. Endogenous Fires in Hard Coal Mines as a Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions(Karolina Wojtacha-Rychter).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.087. Nanosecond pulse for enhancing electrocoagulation wastewater treatment at a low specific power consumption H.Q.Nguyen et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.058. Feasibility Investigation of Floating Solar PV-Hydro Grid-tied Hybrid System A Case Study of Green Energy Boost in Shan State, Myanmar(M. Naing Ya et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.053. Experimental investigation the effect of Fe2O3 nanoparticle on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of Dimethyl Ether and gasoline(S Jafarmadar et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.081. Kinetics of neonicotinoids destruction by UV irradiation (F J Benitez et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.026. Consequential LCA in the feasibility study of integrated EFB-based dissolving pulp and furfural production(A.Putra et al).pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.112. Preparation of activated carbons and charcoals from waste shells of energy crops for the removal of FFA from their oils.(K.E. Rodríguez et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.149. AC current in EKR of copper mining waste A Rojo et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.013. Application of Oligo(ethylene-oxide)-substituted Conjugated Polymers and Small Molecules in Organic Photovoltaic Cells Processed from Green Solvents (Ana Charas et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.135. Porous graphene a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water(A. Khalil et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.131. Thermal study and emission characteristics of rice husk using TG-MS(J I Arranz et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.024. CaO (from eggshell waste) impregnated with alkali metals as a heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production (K.E. Rodríguez et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.038. Energy Efficiency Analysis of Kızılcasar Village in terms of Historic and Vernacular Architecture (F. Bal Kocyigit).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.141. Identification of life cycle environmental and cost-effective energy retrofitting solutions for extisting offices M.Gangolells.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.025. Community of microorganisms with dominance of phototrophs for oil pollution biodegradation in coastal areas(P J Arias et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.022. Biological Potential of Cork Wastewater Ultrafiltration Fractions (M Minhalma et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.115. Removal of mixed VOCs by using catalytic corona discharge system (I Tantiprapa et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.138. SNO2 Rgo Composites As Anode Materials For Lithium-Ion Batteries(M. Osinska et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.045. Environmental effectiveness of renewable and nuclear energy sources(Vladimir A. Grachev and Natalia I. Kurysheva).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.085. Miscanthus cultivation and remediation potential on heavy metal contaminated soil in Poland(J Krzyzak eet al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.062. Green-house Gas Storage through Enhanced Hydrate Formation – Effects of Promoters on Gas Uptake(T Absuwan et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.049. Estimation of Optimum Orientation for Solar Panels mounted on Buildings in Sri Lanka(Mandula Sugathapala et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.127. The effect of a key parameters on the performance of the heat and mass transfer of MmNi4.6Al0.4(KERBOUA Ziari et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.136. Effect of architectural solutions for clean energy in healthcare buildings(F Kocygit et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.080. Isolation and characterization of Fusarium solani a novel Bisphenol A degrading fungus(J Cerven et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.032. Development of Concept of Innovative Chemical Reaction System using External Stimuli Responsive Capsules D Kobayashi et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.089. Optical analysis to implementation of Linear Fresnel Collector systems in heat generation for industrial process(F J Speulveda et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.144. A Study on Modular Power Compensation Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Sunlight Shaded Areas(K Park et al).pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.146. A novel process for repeated biodiesel production from waste coffee grounds employing a paper-cartridge containing solid catalysts manufactured from waste scallop shells (S Yeom et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.139. An approach to bio-based product-related land use change analysis(Janusz Golaszewski et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.119. Statistical Analysis of Solar Radiation and Climatic Data for Maiduguri, Minna and Port Harcourt, Nigeria(Hauwa Abdulkarim et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.092. Optimization of Electric Vehicle charging strategies. The case of Spain in 2030 (Paula Bastida et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.009. An integral and sustainable approach of Jatropha curcas Towards a circular economy (D. J. Escalante et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.153. An Improved Design and Optimisation Procedure for Simplified Wind Turbine Rotors targeting Small-Scale Applications in Sri Lanka(Mandula Sugathapala et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.103. Photocatalytic hydrogen production using TiO2-based materials and different sacrificial agents (Elisenda P M et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.082. Liquid single-electrode triboelectric nanogenerator based on graphene oxide dispersion for wearable electronics(WU Yinghong et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.118. Silhouette Analysis by Landscape Character Types in Riparian Zones A Case of Duzce Asar Stream S Kaya et al.pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.071. Identifying Optimum Solar PV-Wind Hybrid Model in HOMER Pro Aiming Green Growth for Off-grid Village in Thanintharyi, Myanmar(A. Z. Ya et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.152. Airborne asbestos fibers in an urban ambient air of Urmia City (after drying Lake Urmia), West Azerbaijan, Iran and health risk evaluation(V Golestanishishevan et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.083. Machine Learning on Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 for Preventing Atmospheric Pollution and Producing Valuable Chemicals(Erdem Gunay et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.010. Analysis of lost energy, looking for efficient buildings(D Carmona et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.111. Preliminary assessment of the ions sorption by polymethyl methacrylate for the further use as the seawater test containers(A Kostenkova et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.109. Porous graphene – a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water A Khalil et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.128. The effect of cleaning agents on occupational health diseases for workers in the hospitality industry(Saavedra et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.117. Shaped Porous Iron Oxide based Semiconductor Efficient Visible Light Photocatalyst for Organic Pollutant Degradation(M roy et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.001.INDEX GEET 2019.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.129. The impact of the energy efficiency on the Iberian Electricity market(Juan Manuel Roldan et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.074. Integrated use of Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Ground Penetration Radar for identifying subsurface sinkholes in Rufa Graben Central Riyadh(Saad Mogren).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.126. The cooperation of MoS2 Al2O3 and NiMoS2 Al2O3 catalysts in the hydrotreating of straight-run gas oil and rapeseed oil mixture (Evgeniya Vlasova et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.110. Potential hazardous elements release from coal reservior into undergroud water during the CO2 geosequestration(C Liu et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.113. Preparation of polymetallic and hidrotalcites catalysts. Synthesis of Methanol and DME by hydrogenation of CO2(D. J. Escalante et al).pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.132. Thiosemicarbazone-based probe for detection and discrimination of a group of toxic transition metal ions and its application in developing logic gate S.S.Panja et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.084. Magnetic zerovalent iron nanoparticles for adsorbable organic halides(T Gameiro et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.023. Biomass in the Energy Mix of Algeria (H SALIHA et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.027. Conventional pyrolysis of sawdust to obtain wood vinegar(J. Fernández-Ferreras et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.065. Hydrodynamic wind induce model influencing inner Murchison Bay flow circulation S Paul et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.154. Importance of breaking down electric consumption when designing photovoltaic plants (D. Carmona et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.073. Increased gaseous benzene remediation by inoculated Chlorophytum comosum with endophytic Enterobacter sp. EN2 A. Setsungnern et al..pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.012. Application of Bacillus thuringiensis to enhance electricity production generated from wetland-microbial fuel cell efficiency and possible mechanism (C.Treesubsuntorn et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.064. How is Sustainable Hydropower Development achieved in Myanmar(A. Z. Ya et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.052. Evaluation of modeling and numerical simulation of an Integrated thermal Solar System in several regions in Algeria(Nor REBAH et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.003. Preface GEET 2019.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.061. Green process of adipic acid synthesis from cyclohexanone and cyclohexene over Dawson-type polyoxometates (Leila DERMECHE et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.142. Improved mid-temperature thermoelectric energy conversion efficiency of nanostructured FeSi2 doped BiSbTe composites(H. Santhana et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.150. Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by means Hybrid Material(Laura Rivera et al).pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.060. Graphite felt incorporated with MoS2 rGO for electrochemical detoxification of high-arsenic fly ash(Yang Luo et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.086. Modeling of pollution diffusion into air in rectangular area (A Solofomboahangy et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.021. Assessing waste heat recovery potential in a Portuguese structural ceramic industry (Helena Monteiro et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.137. Preparation Of SNO2 Rgo Photoanode For Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (A. Martyla et al.).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.035. Elaboration of a lightweigth concrete with high energetic performances (LC-HEP) Study of the impregnation rate together with the mechanical properties (DEHMOUS M hand et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.134. Performance of manganese-based solid sorbents for H2S removal Particle size and promoter effects on sorbent capacity (M Mehdi et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.016. Asseessment of furfural inhibition on some Saccharomyces strains in lignocellulosic hydrolyzate fermentation (Nguyen D T et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.051. Evaluation of c-si PV modules performances in desert environment (KHERICI Zoubida et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.140. Hydrothermal oxidation as a promising technology for the removal of sewage sludge C Ruiz et al.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.130. Thermal conductivity of two kinds of earthen building materials(Razika Ihaddadene et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.063. High Coke-Resistance NiAl-MnY Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane(Fatima Z. et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.090. Optimal Design and Integration of Solar Thermal Collection, Storage and Dispatch With Process Cogeneration Systems(Hisham Bamufleh et al).pdf.pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.043. Energy efficient research in regional architecture(F B Kocygit et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.050. Evaluation of applicability of TiO2-embedded expanded polystyrene balls to inhibit the algal growth in mesocosms from rivers and lakes(Min Ji Lee et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.072. Improving Building Energy Demand Prediction Using Machine Learning Approach(Monem Beitelmalet al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.015. Application of ionic liquids for separation of halogenated aromatic acids from aqueous effluents(Tomas_Weidlich et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.116. Renovation Building For Energy Efficiency in A Hot Arid Zone(Ece Dinç et al).pdf
jose/geet2019/Pag.036. Electrodialysis and electrocoagulation as combined treatment for industrial wastewater containing arsenic and copper(Henrik Hansen et al).pdf